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Victoria Fayad
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Who is Victoria Fayad?

Victoria Fayad is the Daughter of popular Mexican Actress Victoria Ruffo and Politician Omar Fayad.

Victoria Fayad Net Worth2022

Victoria Fayad Net Worth2022 is $100 K.

Victoria Fayad Biography

On August 11, 2004, Victoria Fayad was born in Mexico City, Mexico, to Victoria Ruffo and Omar Fayad.

Victoria is 17 years old. She has a twin brother (or “cuate,” as non-monozygotic Twins in Mexico are called) Anuar; He was raised between Mexico City, Mexico, and Pachuca. His father is Lebanese, and he grew up with his brother and half-brother, Jose Eduardo.

He had a quiet childhood and was loved by his family. – Victoria and Omar both agreed that their children should grow up as normal children and not like the children of the entertainment industry.

The twins maintain a very private life

We could ensure that the twins maintain a very private life – something that their father, a prominent figure in the sphere of politics, has also cultivated, unlike Jose Eduardo, who from adolescence wanted to be famous (in fact, he was, due to to the circumstances that surrounded his birth and early childhood) and he did not stop until he achieved it –today not a week goes by in which the actor-driver-entrepreneur appears in some program or magazine, giving the note with some irrigate or comment or complaint to his controversial parent.

But, anonymity is slowly eroding, At least in Victoria’s case. She has appeared more often in the media and on Victoria’s mother’s official Instagram platform, where she occasionally participates in stories, although she is getting a lot of attention, she remains very simple.

Victoria Fayad is a Charismatic teenager

Victoria is not feeling dizzy from her attention because of her involvement in networks. Her mother, working in the same field for 40 years, is a stabilizing, responsible influence.

She wouldn’t have allowed her daughter to post on a social networking site if she didn’t have an escape route to protect her child. She is also a charismatic teenager.


However, it is well-known that Victoria’s daughter Victoria has been standing out. Top executives at Televisa and Telemundo have been interested in allowing Victoria to venture into entertainment. 

Both her father and mother were very accommodating but very clear: Victoria must complete her high school education before deciding what career to pursue. They can choose to pursue political science, public administration, or drama art once they reach legal age.

This is a great gesture by the Queen, who had seen firsthand the business of this industry and imposed the same rule upon her firstborn son when he was stung to become an artist. However, Vicky’s appearances in her networks cause a furor and make her a fashion (and she even has fans!) She continues to have fun in her youth.

Victoria Fayad’s Boyfriend

 Victoria Fayad doesn’t upload much to her social media accounts, so she was noticed by more than one person this time. The photo shows the young woman surrounded by rose petals. This would be a surprise for her boyfriend.

It seemed like every meeting was just another one with friends. It was discovered that her boyfriend wanted “to be her boyfriend,” and she had accomplices.

The answer to the question was obvious. It was clear from the shared images. You can be sure that Vicky, the young Vicky, is starting a new relationship, and Victoria Ruffo is very proud.

It couldn’t have been more perfect. The actress took the chance to “like” the photo and express her happiness at the start of the news story.

Who Are Victoria Fayad’s Parents?

Mother victoria ruffo

Father Omar Fayad

Who is Victoria Fayad’s twin brother?

Anuar Fayad is the twin brother of Victoria Fayad.

Who is Victoria Fayad’s half brother?

José Eduardo Derbez is the half brother of Victoria Fayad.

Who are Victoria Fayad’s Aunts?

Gabriela Ruffo and Marcela Ruffo are the aunts of Victoria Fayad.

What Is The Birth Place of Victoria Fayad?

Mexico City, Mexico.

Who are Victoria Fayad’s Grandparents?

Grandmother Guadalupe Moreno Herrera

Grandfather Ramon Martinez del Río

Details About Victoria Fayad

Full NameVictoria Fayad
Date of BirthAugust 11, 2004
Birth PlaceMexico City, Mexico
Zodiac SignLeo
Age17 Years
MotherVictoria Ruffo
FatherOmar Fayad
Twin BrotherAnuar Fayad
Half BrotherJosé Eduardo Derbez
AuntsGabriela Ruffo and Marcela Ruffo
Grandmother Guadalupe Moreno Herrera
GrandfatherRamon Martinez del Rio

Social Media Details

InstagramVictoria Fayad

What is the age of Victoria Fayad?

Victoria Fayad age is 17 years.

Is Victoria Fayad Dating?

Yes, She is Dating.

Who is the Boyfriend of Victoria Fayad?

Although she is dating, her Boyfriend’s name is kept secret because she maintains her relationship status private.

What is the Date of birth of Victoria Fayad?

August 11, 2004.

What is the Net Worth of Victoria Fayad?

Victoria Fayad Net Worth is not available right now, so we will update it as soon as possible once it is available to us.