Tyrin Turner Net Worth, Age, Kids, Height, Wife

Tyrin Turner Net Worth
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What is the Net worth of Tyrin Turner?

Tyrin Turner Net Worth is $1 Million.

Who is Tyrin Turner?

Tyrin Turin is an American television and film actor and writer from South Central Los Angeles. He is most well-known for his role as Caine Lawson, the main character in the 1993 urban drama Menace II Society.

Tyrin Turner Biography

Tyrin Turner is a television actor. He was born in Los Angeles (California), USA, on July 17, 1971.

Tyrin Turn Professional Acting Career

Tyrin Turner’s professional acting career began in 1989 when he was cast in Janet Jackson’s music video “Rhythm Nation 1814”, which featured a song titled “Rhythm Nation 1814”.

In 1990’s

In 1990, his next engagement was in Michael Jordan’s Playground. This video story features a fantasy plot and features 1980s highlights from Michael Jordan.

The story follows Walt Preston, a young boy who is cut from his basketball team and receives some basketball lessons from Jordan on Michael Jordan’s Playground.

Do you have any ideas about who that child might be? You are correct; Tyrin Turner was the one! These engagements were the foundation for Tyrin Turner’s net worth.

Tyrin starred in 1992’s “Deep Cover,” a neo-noir crime thriller starring Jeff Goldblum and Laurence Fishburne. The film received positive reviews and grossed more than $16.5million at the box office.

This role has helped increase Tyrin Turner’s popularity and overall wealth.

Tyrin Turner’s talent was recognized, and he was offered the role of the principal in Menace II Society, a crime thriller written by the Hughes Brothers.

He starred with Jada Pinkett Smith, Larenz Tate, and Samuel L. Jackson. It was a great success and grossed almost $28 million. This feat contributed significantly to Tyrin Turner’s wealth.

Tyrin Turner Famous Roles

Tyrin Turner will continue to work on various TV and movie projects in the future. This includes roles in “Fallen Angels,” Chicago Hope, and “New York Undercover.”

He has also starred in “Panther,” “The Method” (1996), “Little Boy Blue,” “Panther,” “The Method,” “Belly,” “Flossin,” and “Ghetto Stories” (2008). These involvements have helped Tyrin Turner increase his net worth.

Tyrin Turner also made efforts to get involved in the music industry during the 1990s. He signed a recording deal with Rap-a-Lot Records to release his first album, Caine.

However, this never happened. He tried his luck in music, though, but only as a guest on the “Da Good Da Bad & Da Ugly” album by Geto Boys and Scarface’s “My Homies” album.

Tyrin Turner’s most recent work includes the 2013 romance sci-fi movie “…And she Was My Eve”. Deon Taylor’s 2014 drama, “Supremacy,” and another Deon Taylor project, “Meet the Blacks,” a 2016 horror comedy. Even though it received poor reviews, the film still contributed to Tyrin Turner’s wealth.

Personal Life

Turner is married to Amina Garner. Turner is the father of fraternal twins Tai and Tyrin Jr.

FAQ About Tyrin Turner

What is the Birthday of Tyrin Turner?

Tyrin Turner’s Birthday is July 17, 1971.

What is the Age of Tyrin Turner?

Tyrin Turner Age is 51 Years.

What is the Height of Nick Digiovanni?

Tyrin Turner Height is 5 Feet 9 Inches.

What is the Weight of Nick Digiovanni?

Tyrin Turner Weight is 68 Kg.

Who is the Wife of Nick Digiovanni?

Tyrin Turner Wife is Amina Garner.

Who is the Daughter of Nick Digiovanni?

Tyrin Turner Daughter is Tai.

Who is the Son of Nick Digiovanni?

Tyrin Turner Son is Tyrin Jr.

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