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Too turnt tony Net Worth
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What is the Net worth of Too Turnt Tony?

Too Turnt Tony Net Worth is $2.5 Million.

Who is Too Turnt Tony?

TooTurntTony The real name of the actor is Anthony Dawson, is a former model, creator of content and well-known TikTok actor across the United States. 

He is well-known for his raunchy brand of comedy as well as his closeness to relatives (specifically his mom) as well as his muscular physique as well as his popular social media profiles.


Anthony Too Turner Tony is known as a US social media celebrity. The man who has a stunning athletic body amazes TikTok users with his original and funny videos. 

The man is popular due to his attractive appearance, which is why he enjoyed a great popularity in one of the adult-oriented media platforms. There are 17 million people following him on TikTok. 

It makes him successful influencer. There are many fascinating facts in the biography of Too Turnt Tony’s biographical sketch that are worth exploring in greater in depth.

Anthony is the actual title of the blog. The people who knew him always addressed him as Tony therefore it was not necessary to think of the name. He simply added a silly expression to the name.

Life in the early years

Anthony Dawson was born in Michigan. His birthday falls on February 11th 1997, making his age 25. The name of his mother is Dina and his father’s name isn’t known. There are two siblings. The name of his sister is Maria while the name of his older brother is Dom.


Anthony Dawson was a semi-successful model at the beginning of his career. He is a weightlifter who loves to lift and has a slim and healthy body. 

From a young age, Anthony has said he was always interested in films and media, so he went to Western Michigan University to get an associate’s degree in media studies and filmmaking. 

He later got an internship as a film producer and began creating videos on Vine, a popular application Vine to have entertainment. He was a fan of making funny videos at a young age during high school, and often posting hilarious videos for his peers to watch.

TooTurnt Tony Career

Anthony made the decision to switch to TikTok following the fact that Vine fell off the map. Anthony’s story is one of incredible social growth, having a 500,000-plus following in just a couple of months. 

His wit, humor, quality of production and attractive looks enticed a lot of followers who constantly promoted his videos. He’s been featured alongside other stars on social media that have seen rapid growth, such as Charli D’Amelio Addison Rae, and Josh Richards.

He has continued to model however, not working with an agency. He has branched out into the industry of adult entertainment and is focusing on the expanding social media site ” OnlyFans.” The first of his videos on the site received a lot of praise and was received well.

TooTurnt Tony’s Most Popular Characters

The popularity of TooTurntTony has made his family and friends to become social media celebrities.

TooTurnt is a well-known cast of characters who make appearances in his numerous TikToks. Most likely his most well-known characters are his mother and father. 

The basis for many of TooTurnts most well-known videos is to fool his mother in a way. It could involve throwing fireworks into the home and a host of bikini-clad ladies or even getting his father to the house drunk. 


Her mother has been known for having an uncontrollable temper, and frequently shouts at Anthony when the fact that he has done something she considers “stupid.”


The father is more tolerant of drinking, drinking and general insanity and cheers on Anthony’s various activities and often participating in the party.


Anthony’s “duck” is an extremely popular character. He owns a number of ducks and they are featured in his videos regularly. They’re set in different funny poses. and are thrown into the bedroom of his mother in the evening while she is asleep and accompanying him on his golfing excursions.


Maria, Anthony’s sister Maria is also well-known. Maria is Anthony’s apparent manager and gets regularly pranked. Her appearances typically result in her smirking in dismay at the pranks that Anthony has orchestrated.

Too Turnt Tony’s Girl Friend

Ski Mask Girl , Anthony’s sidekick and rumoured girlfriend, and also a popular TikTok celebrity. Her fame was boosted by her giving Anthony to strike golf balls placed inside her butt. 

She has never revealed her face, and is typically modelled and partying in bikinis. In that regard, Anthony casts many beautiful models throughout his films.


Nonnie Anthony’s grandmother is a cult figure. In her role as a foil for Anthony’s mum, Nonnie is seemingly always drinking and partying with Tony. 

Nonnie was among the first characters introduced to the audience and has frequently been described with acclaim as one of the most popular regular characters in comedy skits.

Too Turnt Tony Social Media Presence


Anthony has broadened his audience on the social media platform. TooTurntTonyhas more than 16.9 millions TikTok users on the official TikTok account and has more than 721 million likes total. 

Most of his videos get the minimum of 1 million views, and the majority have anywhere between 5 and 35 million views overall.


The Instagram account has more than 914k followers. The Youtube page has over 151k subscribers. There, the account is where he posts vlogs as well as behind-the-scenes footage of his popular TikTok videos. 


His OnlyFans account is free and includes 112 posts. It boasts 10.9k users who like it.

FAQ About Too Turnt Tony

What is TooTurnt’s Zodiac Sign?

Too Turnt Tony’s Zodiac Sign is Aquarius.

Is Too Turnt Tony is a Duck Farmer?

Yes, Too Turnt lives on a farm that raises ducks.

What is the Age of Too Turnt Tony?

Too Turnt Tony Age is 27 Years.

What is the Height of Too turnt tony?

Too Turnt Tony Height is 6 feet 1 inch.

What is the Real Name of Too Turnt Tony?

Too Turnt Tony Real Name is Anthony Dawson.

Who is The Sister of Too Turnt Tony?

Maria is The Sister of Too Turnt Tony.

Who is The Girlfriend of Too Turnt Tony?

Ski Mask Girl is The Girlfriend of Too Turnt Tony.

What is the Weight of Too turnt tony?

Too Turnt Tony Weight is 85 kgs.

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