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Silvia Derbez
Silvia Derbez
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Who is Silvia Derbez?

Silvia Derbez was a Mexican film and television actress and she has a timeless stature in Mexico as she was a brilliant figure from her country’s golden age of cinema during the 1950s.

What is Silvia Derbez Net Worth?

Silvia Derbez Net Worth was $1.5 Million.

What is the full name of Silvia Derbez?

Lucille Silvia Derbez Amézquita

Early Life

Silvia Derbez was born on March 8, 1932, in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, to a French-born businessman Marcel Derbez Gilly and María de la Luz Amézquita. 


Silvia Derbez first film

She first appeared in Mexican film when she was a teen, appearing in her first film at 15 years old when she appeared in La Novia del Mar (Girlfriend of the Sea) film, shot in 1947.

Alla en el Rancho Grande

The year 1948 was the first time she took part in a film that was a classic in Mexican film: Alla en el Rancho Grande (Out on the Big Ranch). She appeared in three additional films before the decade of the 1940s ended, which included the cabaret classic cinema noir Salon Mexico.

Derbez became famous worldwide and nationally in the 1950s, a time when she made 16 films. From 1951 to 1954, Derbez was able to stop filming, but she did appear in ten films between 1954 and 1956.


As television became well-known in Mexico, Derbez was signed by Televisa to portray “Nora” for the soap opera 1958, Senda Prohibida (Forbidden Method). Then, in 1959 Derbez received the main part in different soap production, Elisa.

Soap Operas

Derbez appeared in 17 television shows in the 1960s, many of whom she was the lead. One of the soap operas she appeared in during the decade was Maria Isabel I, where she played the role of Maria Isabel I’s title character. The actress returned to the cinema in 1969, taking part in three films 1969 between 1970 and 1969.

In 1970’s

In the decade 1970, Her pace on television was slowed. She wrote twelve telenovelas during that period. One of the telenovelas she was a part of was in the 1970’s Angelitos negros (Black Angels) as a Nanny.

Also, she was a part of 1971’s El derecho de Los Hijos (Your Children’s Rights) and La Recogida (which loosely translates to The Picked up Woman). The year 1975 was the first time she appeared in El Andariego (The Walker) film.

Her Husband pass away

As Derbez aged, her work rates declined. In the 1980s, she appeared in just six telenovelas and four movies. The year 1986 saw her marriage to husband Eugenio Gonzalez Salas, who was a publicist, pass away.

However, Derbez recovered from her loss and was a part of one of the most famous Latin American TV shows, Simplemente Maria, in 1989. For Simplemente Maria, Derbez acted as Victoria Ruffo, who would shortly become her daughter-in-law and her in-laws.

Simplemente Maria’s rendition of 1989 became popular in various countries, including Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

The Era of her Son

In the 1990s, the son of Derbez Eugenio Derbez was famous for his work as a TV comedian. He and Ruffo were married.

Derbez produced three films in the 1990s’ early years and the 1993 film Zapatos Viejos (Old Shoes), where she was in the role of Gloria Trevi.

In 1994, she starred part of Prisionera de Amor (Prisoner of Love), and, In 1995, she portrayed “Milagros” on Lazos de Amor. The soap operas were very popular with Hispanic audiences across America. The United States.

Silvia Derbez Returns

Derbez was back in film acting following Prisionera de Amor in Prisionera de Amor and Lazos de Amor and acted in three films before returning to the screen with the character “Leonor” as part of Los Hijos de Nadie (Nobody’s Children). She also appeared in another acclaimed Mexican telenovela called La usurpadora (The replacement), which starred Gabriela Spanic.

Silvia Derbez‘s Final Role

Derbez’s final role as an actress occurred in 2001’s adaptation of Caridad Bravo Adams’s “La intrusa” (The Intruder).


Who is the husband of Silvia Derbez?

Eugenio González Salas is the husband of Silvia Derbez.

Who is the son of Silvia Derbez?

Eugenio Derbez is the son of Silvia Derbez.

Who is the daughter of Silvia Derbez?

Silvia Eugenia Derbez is the daughter of Silvia Derbez.

Who is the Father of Silvia Derbez ?

Marcel Derbez Gilly is the Father of Silvia Derbez.

Who is the Mother of Silvia Derbez?

Maria de la Luz Amézquita is the Mother of Silvia Derbez.

Who are the daughter-in-laws of Silvia Derbez?

How many Grand Children does Silvia Derbez have?

Five Grand Children.

What are the names of her Grand Children?

What are the names of her Grandsons?

  • Vadhir Derbez
  • José Eduardo Derbez

What are the names of her Granddaughters?

  • Aislinn Derbez
  • Silvia Eugenia Derbez
  • Aitana Derbez

What is Silvia Derbez cause of death?

Silvia Derbez died of lung cancer.

When did Silvia Derbez died?

Silvia Derbez died at the age of 70 on April 6, 2002.

How much was Silvia Derbez‘s age when she died?

At the age of 70 years, she died.

Details About Silvia Derbez

Full NameLucille Silvia Derbez Amézquita
Familiar nameSilvia Derbez
Date of BirthMarch 8, 1932
Birth PlaceSan Luis Potosí, Mexico
Zodiac SignPisces
HusbandEugenio González Salas
SonEugenio Derbez
DaughterSilvia Eugenia Derbez
GrandsonsVadhir Derbez,
José Eduardo Derbez
GranddaughtersAislinn Derbez
Silvia Eugenia Derbez
Aitana Derbez
Daughter-in-lawsGabriela Michel
Silvana Prince
Victoria Ruffo
Alessandra Rosaldo
FatherMarcel Derbez Gilly
MotherMaria de la Luz Amézquita
Date of Death April 6, 2002

Eugenio Derbez About His Memories with his Mother

On mother’s day on his Instagram account, he shared a photo of his mom and remembered her “I share this photo of my mom when she was very very young. She taught me everything I know about this career. Celebrate your mom every day those who still have her close. Congratulations to all moms! #Mother’s day.”

On April 6, 2022, he posted his mother’s photo on his Instagram account and shared his feelings on his mother’s death anniversary and shared his feelings as “20 years later, I know she is still with me.
It’s hard to explain, but I can remember her today with a smile instead of a tear.
I feel her closer than ever.