Sarah and Mike Howe Net Worth 2022, Howe 2 Live Net Worth

Sarah and Mike Howe

What is Sarah and Mike Howe Net Worth 2022?

Sarah and Mike Howe Net Worth 2022 is $1 Million.

Howe 2 Live by Mike and Sarah Howe is an American YouTube channel with a net worth of $20,000 as of April 2022.

Who is Sarah and Mike?

Mike and Sarah come from humble backgrounds, but they still manage to live each day as if it were their last. As they document their adventures and trials, you can follow them as they show us unique ways to love life.

What is the name of the YouTube channel of Sarah and Mike Howe?

Howe 2 Live.

What is Howe 2 Live Net Worth?

Howe 2 Live is an American YouTube channel with a net worth of $20,000 as of April 2022.

What are Sarah and Mike Howe Do on their YouTube channel?

They do boat Adventures on their Howe 2 Live YouTube Channel.

Howe 2 Live Stats

As of 22 April, 2022

CountryUnited States
Created4 Aug 2018
Subs 51.8K
YouTube Channel Link
Instagram Link
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Michael Howe is a Senior Vice President at Howe & Howe Technologies. This company is a leader in robotic land vehicles that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Howe and Geoff Howe founded Howe & Howe Technologies, which Textron Systems purchased in December 2018.

The portfolio of the company includes the Ripsaw (r) Super Tank and the Grizzly ™ Transport, as well as the Thermite ™, firefighting robotic, and many other extreme vehicles that are used for medical transport, firefighting, and many other applications.

In 2001, Howe & Howe Technologies gained international attention by creating the Ripsaw Super tank, the fastest tank in the world. Then The Howes were soon successful in demonstrations that allowed them to be named among the youngest to have ever primed a multimillion-dollar U.S. military contract.

In 2010, Howe & Howe Technologies was awarded a Guinness World Record for creating the Badger, the world’s smallest armored vehicle. The Howes had one world record and multiple patents pending for product development, military contracts, and more by 36. The Howes had their reality TV show on a major network.

Outdoors Again was founded by the Howes in 2012 as a non-profit 501c3 organization. It hosts outdoor events and social activities to assist those with disabilities.

Howe was the Salutatorian of Kent’s High School. He attended Bowdoin College.

What is Outdoors Again?

Outdoors Again is a nonprofit organization created by Mike and Geoff Howe, the owners of Howe & Howe Technologies. Outdoors Again takes paralyzed/handicapped individuals camping, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, music concerts, sporting events, and many other adventures with the help of volunteers and donations.

We take pride in helping wheelchair users relax by organizing, transporting, and planning. Our events are free for our clients and their families. Although planning and organizing are a big part of our work, we cannot adequately describe the bond and experience we build with each event. It is an amazing experience to witness people regain hope, excitement, and desire to go outside again to engage in activities they never imagined was possible.

Outdoors Again provides wheelchair users opportunities they may have once enjoyed doing but haven’t for years because of their disability/limitations. Events are organized throughout the year to help reintegrate into society and connect with others who may share some common interests. This may be the first time they have ever left their home or program since their accident, injury, or diagnosis.

Many people find hope in our trips and are excited about each adventure. Our mission is to give people a second chance to enjoy the outdoors again. We can do this with the support of volunteers, community donations, and corporate sponsors. To be part of our next adventure, you must be a wheelchair user.  

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