Sal Magluta Net Worth, Biography, Girlfriend, Age

What is the Net worth of Sal Magluta?

Sal Magluta Net Worth is About $2 Million.

Who is Sal Magluta?

Salvador “Sal” Magluta, a Cuban immigrant, was born in very humble circumstances before turning his life around to become a drug kingpin. When Magluta was a child, his parents owned a Jewish-Cuban bakery in Miami-Dade County.

This made it clear to him that he wanted more. He chose to work towards wealth, power, and success instead of suffering from poverty and pain. Sal was eventually one of the “Los Muchachos” and achieved many illicit feats. Let’s now find out how much he is worth.


Sal Magluta was born in Havana on the 5th of November, 1954. He was raised in a Cuban Jewish household by Manuel Magluta and Gloria Magluta, who used to own a bakery in Havana.


Sal Magluta was born in Miami, Florida. He attended Miami High School with Willie Falcon. Both were involved in marijuana deals back then. Magluta and Falcon were decided to drop out of school to get involved in the drug trade.

Sal Magluta Career

Sal Magluta started as a pot pusher out of Miami High. He was joined by Augusto “Willy,” his best friend. They both left Miami High to pursue the drug trade full-time for easy money. Slowly they made connections and realized that each of them had a specialty. Sal managed the back end of business negotiations, money handling, and more. Willy was a great friend due to his cheerful nature. Although Willy was not aware of their earnings, it is believed that the pair still supported each other.

Sal Magluta and Willy Falcon

Sal and Willy seized an empire directly connected to the renowned Colombian cartels in the late 1970s and early 80s. But they went one step further. Jorge Valdes, soon captured by the police, had given his business to them, not realizing they would cut him off. He hoped it would be mutually beneficial. Sal and Willy drove the cocaine trade for more than 15 years. The duo and crew smuggled the drug to Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington DC while making hundreds of thousands in profits.

Sal Magluta Arrest

Sal didn’t keep his cash in the ground or storage houses. Instead, he opened offshore bank accounts to hide profits. Sal Magluta then gave the rest to his community and invested the remainder for additional gains. He spent his money on everything, from speedboat racing to luxury real estate to construction companies. His crimes eventually caught up with him in 1991, when he was indicted and arrested in October. The US Marshals Service took more than $16million in Sal and Willy’s properties, cash, jewelry, and other assets.

Personal life

Sal Magluta was an affair with Marilyn Bonachea before he became famous. Marilyn Bonachea was a pastry chef at his family bakery. Marilyn was his lover, and they were married in 1979.

Sal Magluta was convicted in 1991 of drug trafficking. He was sentenced to nine years federal prison time and 205 years imprisonment.

Magluta was still able to run his drug business from prison. Marilyn Bonachea assisted authorities in catching her husband while he was in prison.

FAQ About Sal Magluta

What is the Age of Sal Magluta?

Sal Magluta Age is 68 Years.

What is the Height of Sal Magluta?

Sal Magluta Height is  5 feet 9 inches.

What is the Weight of Sal Magluta?

Sal Magluta Weight is 78 Kg.

Who is the Wife of Sal Magluta?

Marilyn Bonachea is Wife of Sal Magluta.

What is the Full name of Sal Magluta?

Salvador Magluta.

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