Robyn Thompson Net Worth

What is Robyn Thompson Net Worth?

Robyn Thompson Net Worth is $10 Million.

Who is Robyn Thompson?

Robyn Thompson, a real estate expert and “Rehab Queen”, is a leading expert on buying, renovating, and selling single- and multi-family homes to make big profits.


Robyn had two jobs in Waterbury to make ends meet. She worked in the afternoons at IBM and evenings as a waitress in a local diner to make ends meet. There were nights when she got up at 2 in the morning because of her waitressing work.

She was worried about losing her primary source of income after learning that 15 people would lose their jobs. After hearing the news, she attended a seminar in real estate and saw a complete change in her life.

She closed 43 deals over the next 24 months that netted her an average of $21,000 per house without using her own money or credit.

While making ends meet and making money were indeed her priorities, she desired to prove to her parents that she could do it, which motivated her. Her proudest moment was when she showed her parents she had bought herself a cash-based item.

She has sold more than 200 houses and makes 3-4 deals per month. She is willing to share her expertise with anyone who wants to live a better lifestyle. She will work with people who are determined to improve their lives, not complainers or whiners. She is well-known in the US and holds seminars all over the country.

Robyn Thompson was once a worker who lived paycheck to paycheck to provide for her family’s needs. She became a millionaire through the real estate business. A 5-day boot camp is offered four times per year. She gives seminars all over the country about renovating and buying old houses.

Her speciality is to buy old, run-down houses and fix them quickly, then sell them fast for cash to the families living there. For this reason, she has been called “the Rehab Queen”. She’s also an expert in getting qualified people.

Her services are unique because she has helped many students become wealthy through her boot camp and other services. Her boot camp costs less than $5,000, while most other services cost more than $5,000. If a customer brings another client, there’s a discount.

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