Pat Schatzline Net Worth

Pat Schatzline net worth
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What is Pat Schatzline Net Worth?

Pat Schatzline Net Worth is $1 Million.

Who is Pat Schatzline?

Pat Schatzline, an international Christian Evangelist and Author, co-founded Remnant Ministries International with his wife Karen in 1997. Pat has been a minister worldwide at conferences, retreats, camps, universities, and churches.

His unique ability to communicate God’s Word with passion and humor makes him a popular speaker. He also profoundly desires the next generation to experience God’s incredible love and power.

He is the author, co-author, and co-author, with his wife Karen, of the three books Why Is God so Mad at Me, I Am Remnant, and Unqualified, and of two other books, Rebuilding the Altar and Restore the Roar. Pat is an entrepreneur and chief executive officer of a successful company. He wants to help people of God see that they are called to be priests and kings.

Pat Schatzline

Pat has been a minister all over the world, at conferences, retreats, and camps, as well as churches. His unique ability to communicate God’s Word with passion and humor makes him a popular speaker.

He deeply desires a generation to experience God’s incredible love and power. Pat and Karen have the vision to awaken the Remnant. They launched the Remnant School of Ministry, which has had over 700 people called to full-time ministry.

Raise the Remnant is a partnership of hundreds. In 2014, “I Am Remnant Conferences” were established nationwide. These conferences see thousands of people saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit. Pat was featured on Christian television networks like Daystar, God TV, and TBN.

Pat Schatzline As a Coach

In 2015, God told Pat that he would give him the keys to the kingdom. One of those keys was to get back his health. Pat lost 72 pounds in 2016 and became a coach for health.

Together with Karen, they helped thousands of people regain their health and become entrepreneurs and chief executives of a successful businesses. God told Pat a powerful message about being a “Priest” and King. This message is shared at leadership conferences around the globe and in churches.


Pat is the author “Why is God so mad at me?”, “I Am Remnant,” and “Unqualified!”. Pat has reached millions worldwide through his writings and television appearances.

He shares the message of freedom, God’s love, standing up for truth, overcoming insecurities, and stepping into God’s call on your heart. Pat and Karen co-authored “Rebuilding the Altar,” which calls for the church to rebuild the place where the encounter occurs.

They just finished their second book, “Restore the Roar,” released by Charisma Media on August 6, 2019. This powerful book teaches how to defeat fear using the power and breath of God.

Remnant Ministries International

After serving as a youth pastor in three impressive churches, Evangelists Patrick Schatzline founded Remnant Ministries International (RMI). Pat and Karen Schatzline founded RMI to fulfill the great commission.

Pat and Karen have been two of America’s most prominent church speakers, revivalists, and youth communicators since the launch of RMI. They also speak at universities and conferences.

Pat and Karen are known for bringing purpose through Christ’s power and a desire to be closer to God. They minister in churches and schools, universities, and stadiums. Both travel worldwide, seeing miracles, signs, and wonders and fulfilling God’s great commission. Click below to join RMI and Evangelists Pat & Karen in a worldwide encounter.


Pat and Karen live near Fort Worth, Texas, with their daughter Abigail. Their son, Nate, and Adrienne are now The House Fort Worth (THFW) lead pastors. They have become Pat and Karen’s grandparents to two beautiful grandsons, Jackson & Anderson.

Who is the Wife of Pat Schatzline?

Pat Schatzline Wife is Karen Schatzline.

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