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Omar Fayad
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What is Omar Fayad Net Worth?

Omar Fayad net worth as of 2022 is approximately $8 Million.

Early Life

On August 26, 1962, Fayad was born in Zempoala (Hidalgo, Mexico) to a Mexican Mother and a Lebanese father.


In 1985, he received his law degree at UNAM. He worked for many years in the office of the Attorney General of Mexico after he graduated.


He moved to the National Institute of Penal Sciences in 1989 and served as a teacher in various schools throughout the state of Hidalgo.

Attorney General

From 1996-to 1998, he was Hidalgo’s secretary for public education and the attorney general. He served as a customs administrator and police commissioner in various public safety and security capacities.

As a Political Analyst

He was also a regular radio analyst and political analyst.

Federal Deputy

Fayad was elected as a federal deputy to the LVIII Legislature in 2000. He served as secretary of the Special Commission on Public Safety and sat on the Communications, Government, and Public Safety Committees. In April 2003, he resigned.

Political Career

Fayad served as Secretary of Agriculture from 2003-05 and Secretary of Social Development from 2005-06. He ran for the Pachuca municipal presidency in 2006 and won it. He presided over Mexico’s mayor association during his mayoral tenure.

Fayad was elected to Congress in 2009 and served as the parliamentary secretary of The Commission of Strengthening Federalism. He ran for and won a Senate campaign three years later. There he would serve in the LXII-LXIII Legislatures. He presided over a variety of commissions, including Public Safety.

Fayad was elected leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (Hidalgo) in 2010.

Governor of Hidalgo

Fayad resigned from the Senate on February 2, 2016, to run for the PRI nomination as Governor of Hidalgo. Later that year, Fayad won the governor’s election and was sworn in as governor on September 5, 2016.


On March 9, 2001, he married Mexican Actress Victoria Ruffo and the couple welcomed their twins on Aug 11, 2004.

Who is Victoria Ruffo?

Victoria Ruffo is the wife of Omar Fayad.

Who is Victoria Fayad?

Victoria Fayad is the Daughter of Omar Fayad.

Who is Anuar Fayad?

Anuar Fayad is the Son of Omar Fayad.

Who are the sisters-in-law of Omar Fayad?

Gabriela Ruffo and Marcela Ruffo are the sisters-in-law of Omar Fayad.

Who is the Father-in-law of Omar Fayad?

Ramon Martinez del Rio is the Father-in-law of Omar Fayad.

Who is the Mother-in-law of Omar Fayad?

Guadalupe Moreno Herrera is the Mother-in-law of Omar Fayad.

What is the Full Name of Omar Fayad?

Omar Fayad Meneses

In this Spanish name, the first or paternal surname is Fayad and the second or maternal family name is Meneses.

What is the zodiac sign of Omar Fayad?


What is the Age of Omar Fayad?

Omar Fayad Age is 60 Years.

Details About Omar Fayad

Full NameOmar Fayad Meneses
Familiar nameOmar Fayad
Date of Birth26 August 1962
Birth PlaceZempoala, Hidalgo, Mexico
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Age59 Years
EducationLaw degree
Net Worth$8 Million
Marital StatusMarried
WifeVictoria Ruffo
DaughterVictoria Fayad
SonAnuar Fayad
sister-in-lawGabriela Ruffo
sister-in-lawMarcela Ruffo
Father-in-law Ramon Martinez del Rio
Mother-in-lawGuadalupe Moreno Herrera