Nick Briz Net Worth, Basketball Bio, Height, Age, Hometown

Nick Briz Net Worth
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What is the Net worth of Nick Briz?

Nick Briz Net Worth is About $500,000.

Who is Nick Briz?

As a preferred YouTube celebrity and social networks influencer, Nick Briz has gone far for himself through his love and enthusiasm for basketball.

His video clips and Instagram material concentrate on basketball matches he has with his close friends and random unfamiliar people. Followers enjoy watching the battles he has with the gamers he competes with.

Nick Briz Basketball Bio

Nick Briz was born in Florida, United States, on July 22nd, 1995. Nick was grew up with a strong interest in sports and took a particular liking to basketball. In an interview, Nick recounts playing basketball given that he was three years of age.


In high school, he was a beginning point player on the Hagerty state championship basketball group. Nick finished from Hagerty High School in Oviedo, Florida.


Nick Briz had some universities that wanted to recruit him, and he headed to Daytona State University when he was 19. However, his grades were also reduced to proceed at the university.

Eastern Florida Basketball Group

After dropping out, he determined he still wanted to play basketball and tried out for the Eastern Florida basketball group.

He secured an area on the team with the hope of at some point taking place to play D1 basketball.

His desires were squashed when his instructor informed him he would not have the ability to enhance his qualities sufficient to play for a D1 group.

After six months of trying to figure out his following action, he was influenced by other social network influencers to begin his influencer trip.



Nick started his YouTube job in 2018 with his channel “Nick Briz,” yet his earliest video clips on the track were posted in 2020. The initial video clip he posted was entitled “Nick Briz Gets Buckets On Haters In Pine Hills, Florida.”

Basketball Playing Videos

His video clips feature him playing basketball with his close friends and strangers on basketball courts in parks and communities around Florida.

Much of these basketball games obtain warmed, and most of his video clips include fights he has with the basketball gamers he faces. Many of his videos entail him fighting versus “garbage talkers,” and often, these fights transform fierce.

When Nick was asked how he manages these intense battles, he claimed, “Create I’m not soft bro, like I grew up playing midtown when I was nine years old.

I matured with my bros and also what was enjoyable to us resembled taking on each other.” Growing up playing such a rugged basketball design was an immense motivation for his YouTube video clips and job.

Nick was claimed, “we want to eliminate each other on the Basketball court … and after that when we’re done we hug each other … as well as it’s all great male.” One of the highlights of his profession up until now was when he reached play basketball at Snoop Dogg’s Mansion and soaked on Mike Epps, a famous American comic.

Social Network Presence


Within two years of publishing video clips on YouTube, he acquired over 700,000 Subscribers, and his videos frequently obtain thousands of hundreds of sights.

He has posted around 40 videos, and his videos have been watched over 50 million times. With this variety of sights, Nick has made an estimated $150,000 from YouTube advertisement income because of the beginning of his channel.


Nick also has a large following on Instagram, where he posts more of his basketball experiences. He currently has more than 500,000 Instagram followers, and this number continues to expand.

Savage Squad Merchandise

Nick likewise deals with Wooter Apparel to sell a product branded with his “Savage Squad” logo.

His shop sells Savage Team jackets, Savage Team shirts, Savage Team basketball shorts, as well as much more. Items in his store array from $12.99 to $44.99. Generally, Briz has earned a living doing things he likes most: playing basketball. As A Result, Nick Briz has projected total assets of $500,000.

FAQ About Nick Briz

What is the Age of Nick Briz?

Nick Briz Age is 27 Years.

What is the Height of Nick Briz?

Nick Briz height is about 5 feet and 11 inches(180cm) tall.

What is the Weight of Nick Briz?

Nick Briz Weight is approximately 158lbs/72kg.

What is the birthday of Nick Briz?

Nick Briz was born on 22nd July, 1995.

Which is the Hometown of Nick Briz?

Nick Briz Hometown is Oviedo, Florida, United States Of America.

What is the Real Name of Nick Briz?

Carlos Nick Briz.

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