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luisito comunica net worth
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Who is Luisito Comunica?

Luis Arturo Villar Sudek, better known by his handle Luisito Comunica, is a Mexican YouTuber and blogger. His channel is the second-most subscribed channel in Mexico after Badabun and the seventh most popular in the world of Spanish-speaking countries.

What is Luisito Comunica Net Worth?

Luisito Comunica Net Worth is About $20 Million.

Luisito Comunica’s Early Life

Luisito (Luis Luis) was born on March 20th, 1990, in Puebla de Zaragoza. Although there isn’t much information about the early years of Luisito’s life, he was a student at his first school, the Instituto Oriente de Puebla.

In the following years, he attended the Benemerita Autonoma Universidad of Puebla in communication studies. Still, he eventually left academics for an English teaching career, focusing on schools that allowed students who other universities disqualified.

In 2007 Luisito began experimenting with Youtube and created a channel titled “Piano Para Gente Cool” that he later changed to “LouieArtie.” The track was designed for creating piano tutorials as well as piano covers. But it did not achieve the level of success that the creator was hoping for, and the channel was eventually shut down.

In the fall of 2011, Luisito launched a second channel, which he named “OciodeLuisito,” which later evolved into a video blog. The track received some recognition, with the most popular clip being “Uncomfortable dog (at the wheel)” However the channel has stopped being used.


In 2012 in 2012, he joined in 2012 to join the YouTube group “NoMeRevientes,” headed by Yayo Gutierrez. He has repeatedly stated that”The “NoMeRevientes” team was instrumental in his growth as a YouTuber.


In April of that same year, he launched his channel “Luisito Comunica,” one of the most available channels. It was devoted to travel videos. The artist also moved between Puebla towards Mexico City, looking for better opportunities.

On April 22nd, 2018, he debuted the “Luisito All Over the Globe” channel. It featured similar programming to his primary medium, “Luisito Comunica,” and was designed for English-speaking viewers.

He started a clothing line in 2018 under the name “Rey Palomo,” which is his pseudonym. In 2019, he was a character in the movie Dedicada a mi ex. He voiced the Latin American Spanish version of Sonic the Hedgehog (dubbed “Sonic Sonic: La Pelicula” within the Latin American region).

He published a book entitled Lugares Asombrosos (Amazing Places) in November 2019. It is based on the experiences that he experienced during his journeys around the globe.

He appeared in the documentary Aislado Un documental de cuarentena. The film was released in the year 2020. Pillon is a mobile phone company that he created.

Luisito Comunica Age

By 2022 Luisito Comunica Luisito Comunica’s age is 31 years old. The YouTube channel was launched in 2007. He was only 17 years old. He ended the track because it had failed.

Luisito Comunica Girlfriend

Luisito Comunica is in a relationship, the Luisito Comunica’s girlfriend and Mexican Model, Arianny Tenorio.

Luisito Comunica Family

Luisito did not talk about his parents or siblings. He was was raised in Puebla de Zaragoza. He then relocated to Mexico to start his career as a Youtuber and get better opportunities.

He is not married, but there is a romance with Arianny Tenorio. The couple began dating in 2020 and are in a relationship. Luisito was also involved with Cinthya Velaquez from 2014 until 2019, when she broke up with her with accusations of having a relationship with her.

Luisito Comunica Awards and accomplishments

Luisito Comunica has also given his voice for Luisito Comunica has also voiced the Latin American version of the comedy-adventure movie Sonic The Hedgehog. According to the 2018 updates, the GQ Latin America Men of the Year Awards gave Luisito Comunica the honor of Digital Person of the Year.

The 2018 updates also indicate the possibility that the Eliot Awards named him Digital Leader of the Year.

What is the amount Luisito Comunica earns from YouTube?

Luisito Comunica’s YouTube channel had 38.8 million users in June 2022. It has received 2.3 million views per month through 10 videos. As per YouTube Money Calculator, the track Luisito Comunica has earned $18 million. The median earnings per video are $18,788, dependent on the CPM and other elements.

CPM is shorthand for Cost Per Mille, which is Latin for 1000. CPM advertising is the cost per 1000 impressions. For YouTube, it is a reference to views.

Therefore, an advertisement rate in CPM is for 1000 viewers (of greater than thirty minutes) for an advertisement. Advertisers who decide to let their advertisement start playing at the beginning of a video will be charged at the CPM price.

This CPM differs based on region, and ads from different countries are paid in different amounts. Countries with the highest CPM comprise Norway, in addition to the UK.

On average, YouTube charges contractors $0.18 per view. YouTube gives an average of 68% of this amount to YouTubers via AdSense.

That means that Luisito Comunica would receive $0.12 per click at this amount, which is $122 per 1,000 views. If you have 2.3 million viewers, Luisito Comunica can earn $276,000. Per month!

But we could have underestimated the amount of money he earned using this rate, but this isn’t the case for all channels.

The amount paid can vary according to various factors, such as the success of your channel and the revenue Google gets from particular advertisers.

Although advertising rates differ, an average advertiser is paid $7.60 gross per 1000 views. The majority of advertisers pay a CPM that is between 4 to $10. In a Rare certain cases, there are instances where the CPM could go as low as $0.10.

The reasons behind this variance are:

  • The category your video is placed in or the time of the year (for instance, Christmas ads rates are very high).
  • Your nation.
  • Your language and competition for spots in advertising and a host of other factors.

The total amount paid per viewer isn’t measurable precisely, as viewers are from various countries and locations. Yet, YouTube pays an average of $0.003 to $0.005 per viewing. If this is true, Luisito Comunica’s YouTube channel could earn up to $11,500 per month in advertisements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Luisito Comunica

Where does Luisito Comunica Live?

Luisito Comunica currently lives in Mexico City.

What is the Age of Luisito Comunica?

Luisito Comunica Age is 31 Years.

What is the Name of Luisito Comunica Youtube Channel?

Luisito Comunica Youtube Channel Name is “Luisito Comunica“.

Who is the Girlfriend of Luisito Comunica?

Luisito Comunica’s girlfriend is Mexican Model, Arianny Tenorio.

What is the Occupation of Luisito Comunica?

Luisito Comunica is a Youtuber.

Details About Luisito Comunica

Full NameArturo Villar Sudek
Date of BirthMarch 20th, 1990
Birth PlacePuebla, Mexico
Zodiac SignPisces
Age31 Years
Net Worth$20 Million
Marital StatusNot Married
GirlfriendArianny Tenorio

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