Lucki Net Worth, Height, Weight, Age, Real Name

Lucki Net Worth

What is the Net worth of Lucki?

Lucki Net Worth is About $2 Million.

Who is Lucki?

Lucki was an American rapper born on May 30, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois.


Lucki was born Lucki Camel Jr. in Chicago, Illinois, the USA, on May 30, 1996. Lucki has American citizenship, and His ethnicity is African.

The American artist is known under the following names “Tune”, “Luc”, “Lucki Eck$”, “Bossy Simpson”, “Deadboy”, and “Neptune”.


Lucki attended Proviso East High School in Maywood, Illinois.

Music Career

Lucki began rapping while in high school. Lucki then decided to pursue a career in music, at first using the moniker “Lucki Eck$”.

The year 2013 was the time he dropped his first mixtape, “Alternative Trap”, which was a hit with unique orchestral sound and production. The mixtape includes 13 tracks and has a total running time of 45 minutes and 20 seconds.

He first gained a following in the early years of his career through collaborations that featured Chance the Rapper, King Krule, Danny Brown, and FKA Twigs.

The strains he faced were evident in the increasingly dark and drug-infected music he put out on mixtapes, which came out every year, either once or twice, while he battled personal problems. Particularly troubling was the freestyle-oriented mixtape from 2015 entitled “Freewave”.

The track “Deja Vu”, featuring Chicago singer Joey Purp, served as an announcement about the change of his moniker from ” Lucki Eck$” to ” Lucki“. He claimed that he’s “grown” out of the nickname Eck$ and said, “it is “childish” to call it that.

In February of 2019 In February 2019, he dropped “Freewave 3”, his debut studio album. To give his fans something to anticipate until the next album, his fifth album, “Almost There”, was released on May 29, 2020.

He collaborated with Philadelphia producer F1lthy to develop the 12-song EP “Wake Up Lucki” in 2021. It’s an EP that is a mix of or album. On June 14, 2022, the artist released his single “Y I’m Not”.

Personal Life

When talking about the personal aspects of his life, particularly his relationship, He has taken extreme precautions. This is why we cannot determine the status of his connection at present.

Lucki Height

Lucki has an estimated height of 5 6 inches tall.

What is the Weight of Lucki?

Lucki weight is about 71 Kg.

Lucki Age

The Lucky Age is 26 years old.

Lucki Real Name

Lucki Camel Jr. is the actual name for Lucki.

Where is Lucki from?

Lucki is from Chicago, Illinois.

What will be the next project for Lucki?

Lucki is developing his fifth studio album, which is scheduled to release in 2022. The album will include guests from many of the most famous stars in the world of rap. Lucki is developing an apparel line and has indicated that he will increase his business shortly.

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