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Karen Tillery net worth
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What is Karen Tillery Net Worth?

Karen Tillery Net Worth is About $800K.

Who is Karen Tillery?

Karen Tillery is a Christ-follower wife and mom of four, grandmother of one, and a log cabin lover, creator and designer.

Early Life

Karen Tillery is a Birmingham-born southern lady.


Karen Tillery is an Auburn University graduate with a degree in Graphic Design.


Karen Tillery’s career has spanned all kinds of roles, from illustrator and designer at Oxmoor House Publishing to being a full-time stay-at-home mother and part-time art instructor to the director of Restoration Log Cabins in North Alabama and now wedding venue owner and operator of Burns Bluff Weddings AND designer for Barnwood Living.

Karen Tillery’s business combines my love of history and construction and my design expertise by restoring and renovating 18th-century log cabins and barns.

Karen Tillery’s formal training regarding color and balance, more than 30 years of construction and renovation expertise and the re-creation of 18th-century log cabins have given her a unique perspective on creating living spaces that aren’t just practical but also cozy and inviting.

Karen Tillery’s artistic and illustration abilities have given me the ability to sketch out the ideas behind my ideas so that others can appreciate her vision before it’s realized. Being a licensed builder, she has the experience in building that is required to combine these traditional elements with modern construction.

If you are passionate about your job like Karen, it barely appears to be work!

Karen Tillery Shares a unique story

I have my own story about what I call the “accomplishments of an art major” that I’d love to tell you about. I am a salvager and builder and refurbish and restore old log cabins. I’ve worked on this insane hobby and profession for over 18 years.

What began as a simple log cabin at the lake we built for ourselves and our children has evolved into a more expansive project than I would have thought. In the fall of 2015, I had the privilege of having Mark Bowe and his crew of skilled craftsmen create an addition to the cabin I was working on.

The collaboration was the catalyst for me to establish a six-year collaboration with DIY Network’s Barnwood Builders! We share a passion for preserving the past while restoring these incredible structures that were reclaimed for future generations is our shared aim.

I’ve had fun making the structures constructed using individual recycled logs and beams from scratch and redesigning the original 1800s structures to make them more practical for modern living.

I design and build modern houses that reflect timeless exteriors reminiscent of old log cabins Barnwood Builders keep from being destroyed. Working with Barnwood Builders has been a great experience. Our work is in tandem, and I’m proud to be part of Barnwood’s Barnwood “family.”

Who is the Husband of Karen Tillery?

Karen Tillery Husband name is Glenn.

Karen Tillery Family

Karen Tillery Married Glenn and the couple has four children and one grandchild.

Karen’s Story in her own Words

Hello, we’re Glenn and Karen Tillery. For seven years, we’ve contemplated purchasing additional terrain on the mountain and establishing a small community of log cabins.

However, the timing was right at the end of December 2017 when we were approached by the property owner and inquired if we wanted to buy the 43 acres adjacent to our land…we were convinced it was the right time! Before we finalized our purchase of the new property, my husband, Glenn, took a trip up the mountain for a weekend in the Eagles Nest cabin next door to the property.

He prayed for the area and sought God’s guidance regarding this property. I was shocked when he returned home and informed me that we would be required to create a wedding venue in our community. It was clear that he spent time reviewing our guest books during his stay on the premises at Eagles Nest.

Each page was filled with stories about the many marriages made possible by the High Falls land. Couples with marriages on the edge of ending in divorce visited the mountain and were able to spend time together and experience reconciliation in their marriage.

Couples who visited Eagles Nest to celebrate anniversaries… one year, two years or ten years. Some even celebrated fifty years together. Some couples opt to have small ceremonies on the balcony in Eagles Nest.

After hearing these wonderful stories, we decided to create an opportunity for couples to begin their journey. We are thrilled to finally present Burns Bluff at High Falls Wedding and Event Center with everyone.

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