Josh Kesselman Net Worth 2022, Age, Wife

josh kesselman Net Worth
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Josh Kesselman Net Worth 2022

Josh Kesselman Net Worth 2022 is $50 Million.

Although there are many ways to earn money, the primary source of Kesselman’s wealth is his company, RAW. It is the RAW rolling paper business located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Kesselman is also the director of the company’s chief executive officer, RAW. The net worth of his company is believed to be $50 million. This is quite a sum in light of how large his business is.

Who is Josh Kesselman?

Josh Kesselman is an American businessman and entrepreneur who runs his own RAW rolling paper business. He is the sole owner of thirty percent of the market for rolling paper in six states, resulting in his net worth of more than $11 million.

Even though he’s an entrepreneur, Kesselman is more of an icon than the typical CEO. He is often seen in public and has close connections with famous people. Below is some information about his net worth.

Early Life

Joshua “Josh” Kesselman was born on the 22nd of July in 1972 and grew up in Manhattan. His father used to roll and smoke cigarettes.

He and his dad was strolling around, and his father picked up an item of rice paper and lit it, and it vanished so abruptly. Josh told of this experience “It was like watching an angel vanish.”


Josh is also a member of the Raw Vegan Rolling Papers founder community. He contributes to charitable causes and missionaries who aid children. The company he established employs more than 2000 employees in his home country of the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Josh Kesselman’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million in 2021. His height, as well as age, are not known. The information provided is not accurate. However, he is believed to be in his early twenties.

RAW’s history

RAW is an assortment of rolling papers developed in 1995 by Josh Kesselman. They were designed to be used to smoke cannabis and tobacco. Hand-rolling machines and RAW filters are also available.

In 1993, following the sale of everything he owned, Josh Kesselman was able to open a small shop for smoking known as Knuckleheads located in Gainesville, Florida, which imported unique roll papers imported from Europe and also sold smoking accessories.

It was in the year 1996 that Kesselman mistakenly sold his bong, the daughter of a man who worked in an agency of the US government. Kesselman was arrested and put under arrest. The following time, Kesselman relocated to Arizona to open an online smoke shop and distribution business called HBI.

By the year 1997, the company was growing. Kesselman came across one of the old roll paper mill owners in the Spanish Alcoy region, who wanted ways to market and create new products. Kesselman was a part of the team and later launched two brands: Juicy Jay’s, flavor-infused papers and Elements similar to rice paper.

In 2004 Kesselman invested $1 million in an investment in a company that produced unbleached, natural, unprocessed hemp fiber that could be sold to consumers as “vegan” documents. The idea was successful, and RAW was the first company to provide “vegan” documents. As of 2005, RAW began mass production.

Wiz Khalifa devoted a track for the company entitled “Raw.” Mary Schumacher of The Fresh Toast suggested RAW rolling papers to those who use cannabis.

Social Media Link

Josh Kesselman loves to share his photos and videos via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He constantly shares his adventures via social media to connect with his followers. There are 2.1 million users on Instagram. It is an entrepreneur and a star who is a famous follower on social media platforms. Josh Kesselman net worth in 2022 is $50 million.

Frequently Asked Questions About Josh Kesselman

What is the Net Worth of Josh Kesselman?

Josh Kesselman Net Worth 2022 is $50 Million.

What is the Age of Josh Kesselman?

Josh Kesselman Age is 50 Years.

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