Jimmy Humilde Net Worth, Age, Real Name

Jimmy Humilde Net Worth
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Jimmy Humilde Net Worth

Jimmy Humilde net worth is $23 Million.

Jimmy Humilde is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of $23 million. He makes a living as an experienced music producer, chief executive of a record label, and also through his YouTube channel.

Jimmy Humilde is an American musician and music producer. Most of his earnings come from the salary he earns being the Chief Executive Officer at the company Rancho Humilde.

However, the fact that he’s also made some excellent songs in the past. He earns a substantial amount of money from royalties from music, which is a part of his wealth overall.

Who is Jimmy Humilde?

Jimmy is a well-known Mexican musician and well-known producer. He is best known as the founder and CEO of Rancho Humilde.

Jimmy uploaded high-quality music videos on YouTube with a Mexican flair, which is how his videos received significant attention. In addition, there is an excellent relationship with a variety of artists. Therefore, he collaborates to produce excellent tracks.

Early Life

Jimmy is born July 21, 1980, in Venice, California. He relocated to Inglewood at 21 and began his relationship with Natanael Cano. Jimmy Humilde started his career as a musician before realizing his true passion was in the field of production. Today, he lives in the Majority Latino suburb in the Southeast L.A. Latino suburb of Southeast L.A.


Jimmy’s popularity is growing every day. Jimmy has over 75K fans on Instagram. Additionally, he has a large fan base on other popular social networks, like Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, you can also follow his videos on YouTube and listen to some great music by his.

Jimmy began his career as a musician, but he changed his perspective and developed a passion for producing music. So, he chose to pursue a job as a music producer rather than an artist. The masterworks of Russell Simmons and Jay Z are the source of inspiration for Jimmy.

Jimmy is the chief executive officer for Mexican Rancho Humilde. He has signed an agreement with Clinq music. The arrangement will benefit the company as it is an international producer of music recordings.

He employs Mexican influences in his music and has earned immense acclaim worldwide. Jimmy Humilde receives a lot of praise for including Mexican elements in his songs. A single track can help his music take off to new levels. You can affirm that the cultural shifts have been in his favor.

Jimmy Humilde and Natanael Cano have collaborated on numerous music projects. They have produced some fantastic songs. Jimmy has signed with bands such as Fuerza Regina and Legado 7. Mixing Mexican music, he’s created a brand new idea in the music world.

What is the Average Salary Jimmy Humilde Earn?

Jimmy Humilde makes a minimum of $6 million per year. He earns most of his income via his YouTube channel and the label he runs. He also manages sponsorships on Instagram and other accounts. Instagram, as well as social media profiles.

Though he was initially planning to be a musician, he’s now an artist who is proud to produce a style of unique music that mixes American Hip Hop and original Mexican music.

Jimmy Humilde’s professional career as an entertainer started when he was only fourteen years old, following leaving high school and launching celebrations in 1993. The first time he was able to promote a party was with DJ G-Minor successfully. More than 400 guests attended the event because of his promotional efforts.

His fame grew due to the events he hosted, and eventually, he was offered the chance to collaborate with a well-known singer named Jessie Morales.

The first job he held was such as carrying instruments or fixing clothes. He gradually gained the singer’s respect until he became the artist’s manager. He employed his management time to study the business of music.

With his first Business partner Jose Berocca, Jimmy put together his first celebration, a tiny one at an estate. The party’s success exceeded their expectations, with nearly 1000 people attending.

The two partners later founded an organization called Rancho Humilde Entertainment, adding a new business partner named Roque Venegas. Their new venture was committed to organizing underground events geared towards aspiring performers who hail from Mexico and America. The United States.

The company’s most prominent artists of the present have supported Gerardo Ortiz, El Komander, Alfredo Olivas, Regulo Caro, and La Banda El Recodo.

Rancho Humilde Entertainment eventually evolved into Rancho Humilde Records in 2008. The label’s first release was its first album, “Lo Mejor de Las Calles,” which featured new artists that the label signed, like Legado 7, Fuerza Regina and Herencia de Patrones.

Jimmy Humilde later discovered a promising young artist named Nathaneal Cano in 2019, who came up with an original sound that he named “Corridos Tumbados” (Trap Corridos). Jimmy was impressed and signed the young musician to his label.

Together, the two artists have created many songs on the Billboard charts for more than 21 weeks. They have also been awarded the Premios Juventud (Youth Awards for people who speak Spanish) three times.

Other famous musical talents who Jimmy Humilde has signed include the singer Junior H, whose songs have reached the top 1 position in the Regional Mexican Albums chart, and the Cuban rapper OVI, a reggaeton musician with music videos that have thousands of viewers on YouTube.

Because of his success in the world of music, Jimmy Humilde has made appearances in the most popular magazines like Forbes and Billboard and has been featured in black leather jackets. Jimmy Humilde is also an international distributor of Cinq Music Group in Los Angeles.

In October 2020, Jimmy Humilde signed an agreement to perform with the world-renowned Warner Music Group and Atlantic Records to assist in the growth of Nathanael Cano, Junior H and OVI, the most famous artists of his.

The YouTube channel ” Rancho Humilde” has more than 6 million subscribers and has garnered over 4 billion page views since its launch in March 2015.

Jimmy Humilde is also active on Instagram at jimmyhumilde. RH with over 800,000 followers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jimmy Humilde

What is Jimmy Humilde Net Worth?

Jimmy Humilde net worth is $23 Million.

What is the Age of Jimmy Humilde?

Jimmy Humilde Age is 42 Years.

Where is Jimmy Humilde house?

Jimmy Humilde house is in majority-Latino suburb in southeast Los Angeles, California.

What is the Real Name of Jimmy Humilde?

Jimmy Humilde

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