Jeffrey Berns Net Worth, Wiki Biography, Age, Career

How Much Is Jeffrey Berns Net Worth?

Jeffrey Berns Net Worth is around $130 Million.

Wiki Biography:

What is the age of Jeffrey Berns?

Jeffrey Berns age is 59 Years.

Who Is Jeffrey Berns?

Jeffrey Berns is the Founder and CEO of Blockchains, Inc.

Jeffrey Berns is the CEO and Founder of Blockchains. He leads the company’s mission to empower everyone with a Web3 identity that they control and own.


Before founding Blockchains, he worked as an attorney specializing in consumer rights and high-stakes litigation. His law firm was a leader in class action cases, which resulted in settlements exceeding $2 billion.

His career has been devoted to fighting for people and against those in the big industries that exploit and take advantage of them.

Web3 ID

He is determined to play an active role in the movement towards a Web3 ID, where individuals and not billion-dollar corporations are empowered and can benefit from the next generation internet.


Jeffrey Berns also owns GenuBank, a Nevada state-chartered institution based in Las Vegas that aims to offer inclusive financial products using the latest technologies.


High SchoolBeckford or Nobel
Bachelor Degree 1980-1984California State University, Northridge
Doctorate (Law) 1984-1987Whittier Law School


After graduating from law school, Berns started his practice with a primary focus on advising and consulting with companies on business challenges and corporate growth.

He worked as a plaintiff lawyer for many years, helping consumers fight against large corporations.

A twist in the Tale

Berns describes the life-changing moment in his own words: “When I reached a stage in my life when I could retire, I had been asked by my daughter how I’d changed this world. That helped me keep working and trying to make a difference.”

“That time of reflection, combined with witnessing such destruction in class action lawsuits against bank banks, led me to close my law practice. I discovered Blockchains.”

Jeffrey Berns Daily Routine As A CEO

Berns describes this life-changing moment in his own words: “I am the CEO of a startup using blockchain technology to reimagine our relationships and how we interact.

My job revolves around supporting the people who work for and with me. My vision for the future of the company is what I create. Then, I keep my employees to make it happen. I am a facilitator and a leader.

I am also the face of the company. I meet potential partners and engage in activities outside the company to help drive the vision”.

Advice for high school students

Learn how to code. For many jobs, you don’t need to have a college degree. It is worth taking the time to learn code and how computers work. These are skills that you will need to succeed in the future.

“Forget what’s been drilled into your head and follow your passion. You will find success, whether it be financial or emotional, if you do something you’re passionate about.”

Jeffrey Berns Career Details:

Company PositionTime
The ArrangerCEOJun 1984 – Jan 1987
The Law Offices of Jeffrey BernsOwnerAug 1987 – Jan 1996
TelechaT NetworkChief Executive OfficerMay 1997 – Jun 2006
Arbogast & Berns LLPPartnerJan 2008 – Oct 2011
Berns Weiss LLPManaging PartnerNov 2011 – Dec 2017
Berns IncPresidentJul 2014 – Jan 2018
Blockchains, Inc.CEOJan 2018 – Present

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