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Evan Hafer Net Worth
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How much is Evan Hafer’s Net Worth?

Evan Hafer’s Net Worth is About $8 Million.

Who is Evan Hafer?

Evan Hafer is a retired American soldier and the founder and CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company. He started the venture alongside two of his buddies in December 2014.

Wiki Biography:

Early Life

Evan Hafer was born in 1977; The loggers’ family raised Evan in Northern Idaho, the USA. The village he lived in had just 800 residents.


He is a log for the company of his family that logged trees across Idaho to ensure that they are offered for sale at markets.

He was raised on the confluence of two important rivers within Northern Idaho, the Snake and the Clearwater. He said coffee was among the many significant aspects of his childhood.

He would watch his grandfather and father recreate the Idaho mountains using the freshness of a cup of coffee as he was in his early years of childhood.

His parents encouraged him to take a hike in the mountains close to their home, along with his sisters and brother.

He was shy, and he recalled when he was only six years old, Evan used to play board games with the entire family even though he could not read.

He said coffee was the most significant aspect of his growing up on the Pacific Coast.


Evan Hafer had aspirations of being a member of the military as well as protecting the country at that age. After graduation from high school, Hafer enlisted in the Washington National Guard.

Evan received the highest scores in marksmanship and Physical Training throughout his training. Hafer was enrolled in the Special Forces school to become a Green Beret when he finished Basic Training.

He was a Special Forces soldier and an Infantry soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, he worked as a CIA contractor, a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, and a Ranger in the United States Army.

Then, in 2006, he began roasting his beans, which he took to the overseas mission he was assigned while working. He founded his own company, the Black Rifle Coffee Company, before leaving the military in 2015.