Eugenio González Salas Net Worth, Biography, Career, Family, Wife

Eugenio González Salas
Eugenio González Salas with his wife Silvia Derbez
Source/Instagram/Eugenio Derbez

What is Eugenio González Salas Net Worth?

Eugenio González Salas Net Worth was about $ 0.5 Million.

Who is Eugenio González Salas?

Eugenio González Salas is a Mexican Publicist. He is the father of famous Mexican Actor Eugenio Derbez and husband of Legendary Mexican Actress Silvia Derbez.

Eugenio González Salas Biography

Early Life

On March 9, 1916, Eugenio González Salas was born in Mexico City, Mexico.


 González dedicated his entire life to the advertising industry. According to some media, he is considered one of the advertising promoters in Mexico.


Who is the wife of Eugenio González Salas?

Silvia Derbez is the wife of Eugenio González Salas.

Who is the son of Eugenio González Salas?

Eugenio Derbez is the son of Eugenio González Salas.

Who is the daughter of Eugenio González Salas?

Silvia Eugenia Derbez is the daughter of Eugenio González Salas.

Who is the Father-in-law of Eugenio González Salas?

Marcel Derbez Gilly is the Father-in-law of Eugenio González Salas.

Who is the Mother-in-law of Eugenio González Salas?

Maria de la Luz Amézquita is the Mother-in-law of Eugenio González Salas.

Who are the daughter-in-laws of Eugenio González Salas?

How many Grand Children does Eugenio González Salas have?

Five Grand Children.

What are the names of his Grand Children?

What are the names of his Grandsons?

  • Vadhir Derbez
  • José Eduardo Derbez

What are the names of his Granddaughters?

  • Aislinn Derbez
  • Silvia Eugenia Derbez
  • Aitana Derbez

Eugenio Derbez About His Memories with his Father

“I inherited comedy from my dad. My mom was very nice in real life. She cried all day in the soap operas, but in real life she had a very good sense of humor. But the one with the humor was my dad.”

I always wanted to be a dramatic actor; however, I got the gift of humor from my father”: Eugenio Derbez His mother, actress Silvia Pinal was a pioneer of Mexican soap operas, while his dad Eugenio Gonzalez was committed to the field of advertising.

How He Entered Comedy

Eugenio Derbez has done it again and is now sharing with thousands of his followers the story of how he entered comedy. At first, the actor envisioned being a dramatic actor, just like his mother, actress Silvia Derbez. She was an early first-time soap opera pioneer.

In celebration of the birth anniversary of his father, Eugenio Gonzalez Salas, the actor posted a collection of photos to his social networks to remember his father and his mom, Silvia Derbez. he also celebrated her birthday on the 8th of March.

The first actress passed away on the 6th of April after being a cancer victim. However, the clip posted on social networks has drawn attention because the actor reminisces about how he got to comedy thanks to his father, Eugenio Gonzalez’s wit and humor, as Eugenio Gonzalez was the one who taught him the rules for his professional career.

In the video clip, you will watch Eugenio telling one of the numerous stories he shared with his father, but it was just ten years old. There isn’t a doubt that it affected his life. According to his story, they were driving in his father’s car when a police officer stopped the car. “I informed my father that the policeman is coming and they’re going to arrest us.

He was serene until he went to the window, and my father changed dramatically and confessed that he had been fighting himself out of the fear of being arrested. The officer let us go, “explained Derbez, between laughter, as he keeps this particular memory that is very vivid.

Details About Eugenio González Salas

Full NameEugenio González Salas
Date of BirthMarch 9, 1916
Birth PlaceMexico City, Mexico.
Zodiac SignPisces
WifeSilvia Derbez
SonEugenio Derbez
DaughterSilvia Eugenia Derbez
GrandsonsVadhir Derbez,
José Eduardo Derbez
GranddaughtersAislinn Derbez
Silvia Eugenia Derbez
Aitana Derbez
Daughter-in-lawsGabriela Michel
Silvana Prince
Victoria Ruffo
Alessandra Rosaldo
Father-in-law Marcel Derbez Gilly
Mother-in-lawMaria de la Luz Amézquita
Date of DeathFebruary 14, 1986

When did Eugenio Gonzalez Salas died?

Eugenio González Salas died at the age of 70 on February 14, 1986.

How much was Eugenio Gonzalez Salas’s age when he died?

At the age of 70 years, he died.