Eminem Net Worth (Rapper,Singer,Songwriter,Actor)

Eminem Net Worth

Eminem was born on 17 October 1972.He is an American rapper,singer,song writer and can also be seen acting.Eminem Net Worth is about 190$ million.His debut album was infinite which got released in 1996 and after a year slim shady EP album got released in 1997.His next two albums which got released in 2000’s and 2002’s were THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP and THE EMINEM SHOW,both were massive hits.Eminem got two grammy awards for the marshall mathers lp including best rap album of that year.Eminem has released multiple music albums and has sold 40 million copies in the us alone.Eminem is consirdered as king of rap one of the best rappers this world has ever gifted us.Eminems life was not stable he frequently fought with his mother,he was having a parnoid type of personality.When Eminem became famous her mother was not impressed that she was a less ideal mother,she thought she is responsible for eminem success as she was providing him shelter.His mother began some kind of relationship with a man named scot eminem totally hated him.He was dropped out of Lincoln high school for poor grades.Although he was very intrested in english.Eminem began rapping at the age of 14 with high school friend Mike ruby.They adopted the name M&M and Manix.M&M evolved into Eminem.

Eminem’s Early Life

Eminems real name is Marshal Mathers.His father Bruce left  Eminem and his mother to start a new family in California.He struggled a lot in his childhood and was even harassed,bullied and beated in school but guess what he used this difficulty as a food for his songs.He was even victim of racial beatings when he was living in Detroit his home was near black neighbourhood.Rap was in his blood but before this he was very fond of comic books and storytelling,He began entering into rap compititions by this he gained popularity and respect and decided to make career in rap music.In 1997 Eminem was ruuner up in rap olympics Mc Battle and then in same year Dre signed him and slim shady lp was released.

As of now 2018 Eminem’s net worth is 190 million dollar.

Bryan Callen Important details

Name Marshal Mathers
Nickname Eminem (M&M)
Date of Birth October 17,1972
Birthplace Missouri USA
Nationality American
Profession Rapper,Songwriter,Singer,Actor
Family Father:AmericanMother:American

Siblings:Only Son

Girlfriends Many
Height 5’7”
Weight 68 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown Eyed
Body Size Chest Size: 43 inchesBiceps Size: 15 inches

Waist Size: 32 inches

Net Worth Eminem’s Net Worth is $190 Million
First Album “Infinite”

Eminem Album List

Year Film Name
1996 Infinite
1999 The Slim Shady LP
2000 The Marshall Mathers LP
2002 The Eminem Show
2002 The Free Style Show
2003 The Singles
2004 Eminem Is Back
2006 Raw And Uncut
2006 The Free Style Manual
2008 So You Wanna Free
2009 Relapse:Refill
2010 Recovery
2011 Straight From The Vault
2013 The Marshall Mathers LP 2
2017 Revival
2004 Encore
2009 Relapse
2006 Get The Guns
2007 Mix tape
2005 Curtain Call
2003 Dont call me marshall
2003 Straight From The Lab
2011 The Shady Project
1990 Steppin Onto The Scene

Eminem Net Worth Details

Year Net Worth
1998 1 Million Dollar
1999 3 Million Dollar
2004 55 Million Dollar
2008 87 Million Dollar
2010 131 Million Dollar
2012 177 Million Dollar
2013 193 Million Dollar
2014 216 Million Dollar
2017 201 Million Dollar
2018 190 Million Dollar

Eminem’s album the shady classics gave Eminem Net Worth boost to 216 million a huge hit.Shady and Marshal is one of the best selling album of eminem thus increasing Eminem Net Worth


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