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Ebonie Baxter
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What is the Net worth of Ebonie Baxter?

Ebonie Baxter Net worth is About $2.5 Million.

What is the Full Name of Ebonie Baxter?

Ebonie Marie Baxter.

Who is the Husband of Ebonie Baxter?

Ebonie Baxter Husband Name is Byron Baxter.

Wiki Biography:

The YouTube sensation is estimated to have a net worth of six figures, although she has not disclosed her exact birth date. She was born in the U.S. and Ebonie married to Byron Baxter. their YouTube channel has over 123k subscribers and a large number of views. The Baxter family is well known on Social Media.


Ebonie Baxter is a social media influencer and wife to YouTuber Byron Baxter. Their three children included son Cyrus Baxter who died in his twenties. The Ebonie also own a YouTube channel called the Bazaar and sell merchandise online.

The family has been controversial despite their success online. Their children have a daughter Marie and a son Cyrus.

Ebonie Baxter, the mother of Cyrus Baxter, became a social media influencer after her son’s death. Her children also were involved in the world’s media. The popular YouTube channel Baxter Boys, with 122,000 subscribers, is also managed by them.


The family has been the focus of attention since the death of their son Cyrus. Wikipedia states that Ebonie Baxter and Byron Baxter have three children.

Cyrus, the couple’s son, was an internet star in his youth. His parents were the best parents for him. He was supported by the Baxter’s in all of his Endeavours. Cyrus, however, was left to his own devices at twenty-four.

His parents don’t know how much he was paid for care. They can keep up with Cyrus despite having millions of net worth.

YouTube Channel

The family also owns several other businesses, in addition to her YouTube channel. The Baxter Boys YouTube channel has more than 123k subscribers.

The family also has a clothing line that sells online. Her family is a web phenomenon. Three children were born to Byron and Ebonie Baxter. They met via video and shared their love.

Although the family’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, it has been suggested that it could be anywhere from $1 million to $5 million. Ebonie and Byron started the YouTube channel and that channel become a well-known social media influencer.

This YouTube channel has over 123k subscribers and is highly rated. Her husband, the Baxter Family, manages the account.

The YouTube channel of the Baxter family has attracted thousands of subscribers. They are also trendy on Facebook. They use their full names on Facebook. She uses the name Ebonie Marie Baxter on her YouTube channel. Ebonie is a Georgia-based social influencer. She is the mother of two children.

Who Is Ebonie Baxter’s Son? How did he die?

After her son Cyrus Baxter died, Ebonie Baxter took possession of the public domain.

Cyrus Russell was also well-recognized and was part of Baxter’s family. Cyrus is not the only son of Ebonie Baxter and her husband, Byron Baxter.

The couple has three children from their marital relationship: Cyrus, Byron and Arvaeyah Patricia.

Cyrus Baxter, admittedly, was the eldest child in the Baxter family. He graduated from Discovery High School.

The entire world is currently mourning and grieving his untimely passing.

According to the news, Ebonie was Cyrus’s pillar to motivate him.

She is brokenhearted and devastated to her core.

Ebonie Baxter revealed and supported the death of her son Cyrus Baxter via Facebook.

On Facebook, the mother-of-two goes by Ebonie Marie Baxter.

After Ebonie confirmed the death of her son Cyrus, a variety of news emerged. The family also confirmed Cyrus’ death via their official Instagram account.

According to several news sites, Cyrus died in a car accident.

Ebonie shared the sad news via an emotional post. This post stunned Cyrus’ friends and fans. The reason was mental issues Cyrus had been struggling with, she revealed.

According to reports, he has suffered from depression since separating from Deja Hart, his ex-partner. The family channel updated with a video showing Cyrus battling depression.

Details About Ebonie Baxter:

Full NameEbonie Marie Baxter
Original nameEbonie Baxter
CountryUnited States
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
Net Worth$2.5 Million
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandByron Baxter

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