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Source/Instagram/Bimbo Oshin (Dudu Heritage’s Wife)

How Much Is Dudu Heritage Net Worth?

Dudu Heritage Net Worth is about $1 Million(Approx.)

Dudu Heritage Early Life and Career:

Dudu Heritage was born in Nigeria, However his college education was in London and the U.S.A and then his return to Nigeria.

Dudu Heritage was a music promoter in United States for a few years before returning to Nigeria to establish his own business. He is a popular music promoter and Captain of Ibadan Golf Club (IGC).

Where is Dudu Heritage from?

He is a Nigerian and he was born in Nigeria.

How Many Wives does Dudu Heritage Have?

Not known to the majority Except for the older people who have been aware of Dudu’s family history since his early days, Dudu had two wives. The first one, Sola, has a home in the US. His wedding to Star actress Bimbo Oshin brought the younger generations to be aware of him in Nigeria. He was highly well-known with his former wife from the 90s, and musicians like Obesere and Kwam 1 . sang praises to both of them on their albums. They’re both well-known in the US within the entertainment sector, where he has a prominent role as a music promoter. His first spouse, Sola, comes from the famous Oyefesobi clan. After the death of her husband, numerous friends and family members have come onto her Facebook page to be in awe of Sola.

Star actress, Bimbo Oshin is the second wife of Dudu Heritage.

How Many kids did Dudu Heritage Have?

Dudu Heritage has six children. He had four children with his first wife, and with his second wife, he had two children.

Who is Dudu Heritage First Wife

Dudu Heritage First Wife is Sola Ibironke. It was reported that Sola was a crucial player in Dudu Heritage in the days past when the duo was known as the most prominent concert promoter from New Jersey. She was known as a devout wife whose path and the path of her husband crossed paths from the time they were in high school. According to reports, they had a relationship and met as high school students. They eventually were married. As in the latter part of the year, Dudu Heritage returned to Nigeria. She remained behind in Nigeria to take care of their four children and performed excellently in her professional career there.

Is Dudu Heritage buried?

Yes, Dudu Heritage was buried.

What is Dudu Heritage Real Name?

Ola Ibironke.

On how he came about the name ‘Dudu Heritage’

About how he came up with the name “Dudu Heritage,” Ibironke stated in an interview: “I have heard so many rumors about these people saying all sorts of things. I was looking to open the first African shop in the United States of America. Therefore, I thought about what name I could use. I settled on Oracle. I picked Black Heritage and about three other names. However, something came to me due to the things it will be dealing with, African items, music, items, etc. It was not Nigerians as a reason for me to serve. I was looking to serve the people of the black Americans and white Americans. Nigerians already know about what we do, but I needed an opportunity to draw them into it for those who aren’t aware. My wife suggested we include our indigenous language ahead of the history of our country, as previously mentioned, “Dudu Heritage.” When we hear the word doo-doo, it’s”shit” in America. But our own is ‘Dudu Heritage.’
So I adopted Dudu Heritage, which is my home of Africa Culture, Entertainment & Arts. Within less than three weeks, three African-American Americans came in and wanted to know the meaning behind ‘Dudu.’ They had me explain what it means by Black and not doo-doo. This is how I learned the idea of Dudu Heritage”.

Details of Dudu Heritage:

Familiar nameDudu Heritage
Original nameOla Ibironke
Birth PlaceNigeria
Main ProfessionMusic Promoter
Marital Condition
WifeBimbo Oshin

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