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Don Huffines Net Worth
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What is the Net Worth of Don Huffines?

Net Worth of Don Huffines is $20 Million.

Who is Don Huffines?

Donald Blaine Huffines, a politician and entrepreneur from Texas is an American politician. Don Huffines owns and operates Huffines Communities, a real-estate development company in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Don Huffines, a conservative Tea Party Republican, served as Texas senator from 2015 to 2019. He lost his bid to re-elect himself in 2018.

Huffines was still active in politics and ran unsuccessfully against Greg Abbott for Texas governor in the 2022 Republican primaries.


Don Huffines, a proud fifth-generation Texan, father, grandfather, and entrepreneur, is a proud Texas.
He is a strong Christian who fought fearlessly for fiscal restraint in Texas State Senate while representing Dallas County’s 16th District.
Don was a conservative legislator during his two legislative sessions.

Early life

Don Huffines, a fifth-generation Texan, was born in Dallas on April 26, 1958. James and Ray are his older brothers. Phillip is his identical twin brother.

When they were young, he and his brothers worked as helpers at their grandfather’s auto dealership. James Lecil Huffines (J.L.) Huffines was Don’s grandfather. Don founded Huffines Motor Company, Denton, Texas, in 1924. Ray Huffines was Don’s brother and grew the company to an extensive network in the Metroplexes.

Don was raised in Dallas with his three brothers. He learned early on the importance of hard work and perseverance. His family is a long line of Texas entrepreneurs. He grew up greasing cars at Huffines Motor Company for $2 an hour.


Huffines received a B.B.A. in finance from the University of Texas at Austin City.

After receiving a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas, Don and Phillip started Huffines Communities in 1985. Phillip, Don’s twin brother, graduated from the University of Texas with a B.B.A. in Finance.

They then began Huffines Communities in 1985. This was a large real estate development company in Dallas/Fort Worth that they still own. Don is widely respected in Dallas as a leader in integrity and professionalism.

The Foundation

Don is a generous philanthropist and supports non-profits like wildlife conservation groups and Dallas-area pregnancy centers. He enjoys hunting and being outdoors.

The Huffines Liberty Foundation promotes individual rights, fiscal restraint, and personal responsibility.

We will hold the government and politicians accountable for their words and actions.

“I will fight for the God-given liberties and rights of Texans. To do this .”, I founded the Huffines Liberty Foundation.


Mary Catherine Huffines, his wife, has five children and four grandchildren.

Mary Catherine, his wife of 34 years, is their only child. They have five adult children: Colin, Devin and Terence, Deirdre, and Russell.

Real-estate career

Phillip Huffines and Phillip Huffines are co-owners and founders of Huffines Communities. This real-estate firm was established in 1985 and is located in Dallas/Fort Worth.

What is Don Huffines’ Real Estate Business Worth?

Don Huffines is the best-paid real estate agent. Phillip Huffines founded Huffines Communities with his brother Phillip. It is a real estate company located in Dallas/Fort Worth that was established in 1985.

Construction on a $500 million new housing development is underway by the Huffines brothers. The brothers have already bought nearly 600 acres of land from Collin County to start construction on the project.

Donald and Phillip Huffines have assembled a list to build the 1,600-home project, six miles east from the North Central Expressway off Parker Road and east towards Plano.

Politic Career

Don, the only Texas state senator not to accept government money during his tenure, was disgusted at the corruption and backroom deals he saw plaguing the Austin swamp.

He is credited with authoring legislation exposing Texas’s biggest corruption scandal. Don’s work led to eliminating Dallas County Schools, a corrupt and wasteful government agency that had stolen tens of million dollars from Texas taxpayers.

After being exposed for their involvement in the scheme, six people were sent to prison.

Don also wrote legislation during his term in office that supported term limits, pro-life measures, constitutional carry, and school choice. In 2018, Democrats won nearly all of Dallas County, which included Don’s seat in the Texas Senate. Don was determined to continue fighting against left-wing policies in Texas and the governor’s offices.

Texas Senate

Huffines ran in 2014 for a seat at the Texas State Senate. In the Republican primary, he challenged Senator John J. Carona (independent senator from Senate District 16).

Huffines ran to Carona’s right, claiming that Carona wasn’t a true conservative. He won the primary against Carona on March 4, 2014. Both candidates spent $6.3 million in total.

Huffines was unopposed in the November 4 general elections. Huffines ran on the themes: teaching creationism to public schools, term limits and school choice, funding highway construction, opposing new roads, tax-cutting, and new toll roads.

Texas Senator Tenure

Huffines was a prolific author of bills that addressed Republican priorities, although they did not pass. These bills included term limits, constitutional carry, and anti-abortion policies.

Huffines voted in line with his party’s position on conservative legislation. Mark Jones, a political science fellow, ranked Huffines as the fourth most conservative member of the Texas Senate in 2017. Huffines introduced a bill in 2017 that required 30% voter turnout to make any bond election in Texas a success.

It was not passed. Most of these elections at the time drew less than 10% of the voters. According to the San Antonio Express-News, if Huffines’ bill were to become law, it would render a bond election in Texas nearly impossible.

Huffines lost his reelection bid to Democrat Nathan M. Johnson on November 6, 2018. He was the first Democrat in Senate District 16 for over 30 years. Huffines won 45.9% of the votes. A Democrat has never defeated Huffines in an electoral election.

How Much Does Don Huffines Make from Texas Senate?

Don Huffines also earns a lot of money through his political career. Huffines ran in 2014 for a seat on the Texas Senate. Huffines ran against Senator John J. Carona in the Republican primary.

He is the incumbent for Senate District 16. Huffines ran to Carona’s right, claiming that the latter wasn’t a true conservative. John was defeated in the primary on March 4, 2014. Both candidates spent $6.3 million in the primary.

Huffines was unopposed at the November 4 general elections. He ran on issues such as teaching creationism to public schools, term limits and school choice, funding highways, opposition to new toll roads and tax cuts, and term limits.

Don Huffines was the author of various bills that addressed Republican priorities but did not pass. He introduced several bills, including constitutional amendments, term limits, and anti-abortion legislation.

According to Mark Jones, a political scientist Mark Huffines said that Huffines voted consistently with his party for conservative legislation. This earned him the title of the fourth most conservative member of the Texas Senate in 2017.

Huffines introduced a 2017 bill that required a 30% voter turnout to ensure a successful bond election. It did not pass.

In most of these elections, voter turnout was below 10 percent at the time. According to San Antonio Express-News’, Huffines’ bill will make it nearly impossible for Texas to hold a successful bond vote.

Huffines was defeated by Nathan M. Johnson, Democrat, in his reelection campaign on November 6, 2018. This is the first time a Democrat has won Senate District 16 in more than 30 years. Huffines won with 45.9%.

2022 gubernatorial candidacy

Huffines was still politically active even after he lost his Senate re-election bid. Huffines was critical of Governor Greg Abbott’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, particularly lockdowns. He also spoke at many far-right rallies calling on the state’s reopening.

Huffines declared that he would challenge Abbott for the position of governor of Texas in 2022’s Republican primary.

Huffines, a candidate for governor of Texas, has warned about a Communist invasion by Californians. He has also advocated prayer back in schools and challenged the Supreme Court to visit Texas to enforce the separation of church & state.

Huffines accused Abbott in August 2021 of using tax dollars “to advocate for transgender ideologies.” Huffines referred explicitly to two pages on the Texas Department of Family and Protected Services (DFPS), which contained resources for LGBTQ youths and a suicide hotline. Within hours, the pages were removed.

Huffines refused to fire a staffer in January 2022 who had worked previously for InfoWars, a far-right conspiracy website, and had connections to the white nationist movement. He released a statement saying that his campaign would not engage in “cancel culture.”

Don Huffines, who received only 12% of votes against Abbott on March 1, 2022, lost the Republican primary.

What is the height of Don Huffines?

Don Huffines Height is 1.8 Meter.

What is the Age Don Huffines?

Don Huffines Age is 64 Years.

Who is the wife of Don Huffines?

Mary Catherine Huffines is the wife of Don Huffines.

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