Carolyn Plummer Net Worth

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Who is Carolyn Plummer?

Carolyn Plummer is one of the top Standup comedian in Boston, US and has proved her all over the country.

What Is Carolyn Plummer Net Worth?

Carolyn Plummer Net Worth is about $1 million.

What is the Nationality of Carolyn Plummer?

Carolyn Plummer is an American Citizen.

Carolyn Plummer Early Life and Career:

A third-born child from a minister in a congregation who has an “aloof” homemaker mother; “aloof”? She’s not sure about her favourite band is Bootie and the Hoefish.” C.P. Carolyn learned at an early age that she could be sad or make fun of herself. If you see her for a moment, you’ll be able to determine what she did, and you’ll be laughing. Being able to draw introspectively from places the majority of us would rather stay away from.
Carolyn put a nail in the souls of whiners, self-haters, and the self-pitying of the world. She makes everyone seem hilarious and more than life. In the end, Carolyn’s bizarre view of the world we live in makes audiences laugh out loud in acceptance that the world truly is hilarious.

Carolyn, in her own words

I’ve been performing comedy professionally for more than 15 years. I have travelled extensively across the country, but few have ventured into this take on the challenge. I have performed at clubs and colleges and dead animal lodges and companies and theatres, appearing with many of the best comedy stars in the industry. I’ve performed at many festivals, including the Burbank Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival and The Women in Comedy Festival. I also received the Woody Herman Jazz award for my playing skills on the trumpet. However, I wouldn’t say I like to boast about my accomplishments. I’m a versatile comedian who can be found at home telling jokes to motorcycle riders or nuns. Book me today.

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