Brenda Lee Feldman Net Worth

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How Much is Brenda Lee Feldman Net Worth?

Brenda Lee Feldman Net Worth is $5 Million USD

Who is Brenda Lee Feldman?

Brenda Lee Feldman is Founder and CEO of Inchbug.

What Is Inchbug?

InchBug was established in the year 2004 by parents with an innovative concept to simplify life The Original Orbit Label.

This unique product lets you to reuse it and over and over again — from sippy cups, to sports bottle. Additionally, with our vibrant line of water-proof Adhesive Labels you can find your perfect label shop;)

Orbit Labels are featured in parenting magazines across the country and have received many honors and awards for their innovativeness and practicality.

Inchbug Net Worth?

As of December, 2021, annual revenue is $5 million.

FAQ’S About Brenda Lee Feldman

Original nameBrenda Lee Feldman
Main ProfessionBusiness (CEO @ Inchbug)
Marital ConditionMarried
Net Worth$5 million

The Success Story Of Brenda Lee Feldman

Feldman began her company in the year the year 2004 with the InchBug Labels, an easy, stretch-and-release band that is squishy around many containers. It can be easily customized with the child’s name. The labels were created by her to take with her daughter, who was then 18 months old, to daycare. The majority of daycare facilities require the labels on snacks and drinks, so this was a simple method to do it.

The range has since been expanded to include sticky stickers which can be put on clothes, items or even food items to serve to alert people about allergies. They can also be customized with the name of a child as well. Feldman arrives at the Tank with her latest invention called The My Drinky juice box holder. If a juice box is put into the drink of choice, My Drink, it can’t be removed or spilled.

The labels cost anywhere between $8-13 and each item can be customized with the name of your child in your preferred font and colors. My Drink My Drink isn’t yet be released, however InchBug also sells training clothes and bibs, as well as utensils, swimming goggles, and much more. Feldman is likely to require an Shark to aid in ramping production of My Drinky.

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