Brenda Feldman Net Worth

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How Much Is Brenda Feldman Net Worth? 

Brenda Feldman Net Worth is $12 Million.

 Is Brenda Feldman is a real person or fictional character?

Brenda Feldman is a fictional character in the “modern family” series, portrayed by Hayley Erin. Her character appeared in season 1 and season 11.

A Glimpse of her character in the series

Television viewers will always remember the scene in Modern Family‘s pilot where Manny Delgado (Rico Rodriguez), a young man, fell in love 16-year-old Brenda Feldman (Ed O’Neill) and decided to read a poem at the mall to him — despite Jay’s attempts to stop his passionate confession. Many people don’t realize that Brenda was played by Hayley Erin, a General Hospital actress (ex-Kiki Jerome). Nearly eleven years later, she was able to return to Modern Family, to finish what had been a decade-long storyline.

Brenda Feldman Is a sixteen-year old girl who works at Fotofun’s mall. During a school soccer match in the ” Pilot “, Manny Delgado He sees her past cycling and falls in love instantly with her. He goes to the mall to read her a poem that he wrote. His father-in law is not pleased. Jay Pritchett He tries to get Manny to confess his love for Brenda but he still approaches Brenda with encouragement from his mother Gloria Pritchett . He reads the poem to her and is shocked when she tells him she has a boyfriend. He does get a picture of her as a cowboy, however, Manny says glumly as he returns to his parents. He said, “I gave my heart to her, and she gave me an image of me as an Old-time Cowboy.”


NameBrenda Feldman 
Date of BirthN/A
Birth PlaceN/A
Portrayed by Hayley Erin
Series Name Modern Family
Real Or FictionalFictional Character
Profession Actress
Net Worth$12 million

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