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Big Keene
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How Much is Big Keene’s Net Worth?

Big Keene Net Worth is between $2 Million to $3 Million.

What is the Age of Big Keene?

Big Keene Age is 33 Years.

Wiki Biography:

Big Keene was born on 15 March 1989 in Florida, United States. Big Keene was a victim of many hardships during his childhood.

Keene struggled to make an honest living as his father spent most of his time in prison. Keene was convicted of multiple crimes and couldn’t live with his family. Keene spent most of his time with his siblings and mother.

His mother raised Keene. Big Keene is unwilling to share details about his childhood or personal life. His actual name is kept secret from all. His YouTube channel started late, and he has not been able to get enough views and subscribers.


Big Keene spent his first ten years of life in Florida. He has never attended school there. He moved to Alabama later, and he began living with his mother. His father was mainly in custody. Keene has not revealed the name of his high school, but we know he attended Alabama High School.


Big Keene could share his talents with the world at a slightly later time, starting his career in 2018 at almost thirty. His early childhood years were difficult, and he struggled to make a living.

Keene launched his YouTube channel in 2018 and named it Big Keene. In 2018, Keene started his YouTube channel and called it Big Keene. He uploaded videos about celebrities and vlogs. After a few YouTube videos, he took a break for nearly two years.

He returned in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic and uploaded many videos about it. He soon uploaded videos comparing the iPhone 12 pro to several Sony phones.

Although the tapes were famous, they didn’t get enough views. However, he uploaded his last video in February 2021. Keene is a popular Instagram and Twitter user with many followers. Big Keene has yet to win any awards or honors.


Big Keene family was complicated because his father was always in jail.

His younger brother and sister were provided for by his mother, who was also the sole provider.

Big Keene was born and raised in Florida. However, he moved to Alabama later. Keene began his career as a social media influencer and later started a YouTube channel. He lives in Alabama with his family.

Details About Big Keene:

Full NameBig Keene
Date of Birth15 March 1989
Birth PlaceFlorida, United States.
CountryUnited States
Zodiac SignPisces
Age33 Years
Net Worth$2 Million to $3 Million.

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