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What is Anna Delvey Net Worth?

Anna Delvey Net Worth is Around  $30 Million.

What is Anna Delvey’s Age?

Anna Delvey’s Age 31 Years.

Who is Anna Delvey?

Anna Delvey, a Russian-born German con man, socialite, and fraudster. Sorokin claimed to be Anna Delvey, a wealthy German heiress between 2013 and 2017.

She defrauded and intentionally deceived large financial institutions, banks, hotels, and acquaintances throughout the United States for $275,000.

In 2019:

Sorokin was sentenced to between 4 and 12 years imprisonment by a New York State court for attempted grand larceny and second-degree theft.

Sorokin is currently in custody at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, pending her deportation. Netflix produced a TV adaptation of her story, Inventing Anna. It was released in 2022 and starred Julia Garner as Sorokin.


Early life

Sorokin was born in Domodedovo (a satellite working-class town south of Moscow, Russia) on January 23, 1991. Vadim, her father, was a truck driver, while her mother ran a small convenience shop.

Her family moved to North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany when Sorokin turned 16. Her father was an executive in a transport company until it went bankrupt in 2013.

The father then started an HVAC company that specialized in energy efficiency. Sorokin’s mother is a housewife. Sorokin was a pupil at the Bischofliche Liebfrauenschule Eschweiler, a Catholic grammar school located in Eschweiler.

Peers stated that Sorokin was quiet and had difficulty learning German. Sorokin, a young adult, obsessively followed Vogue and fashion blogs as a teenager and created image accounts on LiveJournal and Flickr.


Sorokin graduated from the school in June 2011 and moved to London to study at Central Saint Martins, an art school. But she soon dropped out, and she returned to Germany.

She interned briefly at a Berlin public relations firm in 2012. Sorokin moved to Paris in 2012, where she worked as an intern for Purple, a French fashion magazine.

She earned approximately EUR400 per month. Sorokin didn’t contact her parents often, but they subside her rent. Sorokin started using the name “Anna Delvey” around that time.

She claimed it was based upon her mother’s maiden name. However, Sorokin’s parents said that they didn’t recognize the surname. Sorokin later admitted that she “just made it up.”

Fraud offenses:

Sorokin traveled to New York City mid-2013 to attend New York Fashion Week. It was easier to make friends in New York City than in Paris, so Sorokin decided to stay and transferred to Purple’s New York Office for a short time.

Sorokin quit Purple to create the “Anna Delvey Foundation,” a private members’ club that also serves as an art foundation. She unsuccessfully tried to get funding from the wealthy city residents.

She proposed leasing the entire Church Missions House (65,000 sq ft/4,200 m2), owned by Aby Rosen’s RFR Holdings. This would be used as an event venue and studio.

Santiago Calatrava, Santiago’s son, provided planning assistance. She also spoke with Roo Rogers about the possibility of selling drinks at the venue.

After multiple instances of non-payment, Michael Xufu Huang began to be suspicious of Sorokin.
DJ Elle Dee claims that Sorokin was photographed at The Standard, High Line party with Sorokin.

She bragged about her wealth and asked for help finding a place to sleep. She slept in a car for the night after they refused to allow her to do so.

Dee attended several events hosted by Sorokin, where she invited people she “barely knows… as though it was perhaps the second time they had ever met, kinda like us.” Everyone just sat there, staring at their phones.

Dee described Sorokin’s behavior as “entitled, mean” – particularly to those in the service sector. Dee described Sorokin’s dependence on her and other acquaintances for payment.

She claimed she had forgotten her wallet or that it was an emergency. Her credit cards were not working. These expenses included drinks at a bar, hotel stays, and flights that amounted to tens of thousands of dollars.

Sorokin and Michael Xufu Huang, an art collector from the University of Pennsylvania, met at a dinner party in 2015.

Sorokin learned that Huang was planning to attend the Venice Biennale and asked if he would allow her to accompany him.

Huang accepted and booked Sorokin a flight and hotel for her, understanding that he would get refunded for the $2,000 to $3,000. Sorokin failed to pay the bill upon their return to New York.

Huang assumed Sorokin was just absent-minded at first. Sorokin attended Art Basel Miami Beach in 2015. Sorokin hired a PR firm to book her birthday party at Sadelle’s restaurant in January 2016.

After her credit card declined and photos of Huang at the event went viral on social media, Huang was asked if he knew Sorokin by staff. Huang began to suspect Sorokin’s motives.

He also noticed that Sorokin was a strange person who always paid cash and lived in an apartment, not a hotel. He was finally repaid, but it was from a Venmo account owned by an unknown name. Then, he blocked Sorokin from accessing him via social media and ended their friendship.

While Sorokin was staying in a hotel room on The Standard, High Line in February 2016, she met Rachel DeLoache Williams at a nightclub. Williams was then a photo editor at Vanity Fair.

Williams said Sorokin was “demanding and rude to waitstaff” while describing Sorokin as saying that she would not wait for others to get on an elevator. Williams was a close friend of Sorokin and later played a crucial role in her arrest.

Sorokin created fake bank statements using Microsoft Word. She also used other financial documents to claim that she had EUR60m in Swiss bank accounts, but she couldn’t access them because they were in the trust.

A friend of Sorokin put her in touch with Gibson Dunn’s lawyer, who then put her in touch with several large financial institutions, including City National Bank, Fortress Investment Group, and Fortress Investment Group.

Sorokin filed false documents in November 2016 as part of a loan request for $22,000,000 to City National. City National declined to extend credit to Sorokin because she failed to identify the Swiss assets. Sorokin applied for a loan at Fortress.

Fortress would consider the application only if Sorokin paid $100,000 for legal expenses. The Church Missions House was leased to Fotografiska, NY, in December 2016 after Sorokin could not pay rent.

Sorokin persuaded City National on January 12, 2017, to provide her with a $100,000 temporary overdraft facility, promising that it would be quickly repaid.

Sorokin created fake AOL email addresses for “Peter Hennecke,” an inexistent business manager. When suspicions rose, Sorokin claimed that Peter had died and invented a new identity, “Bettina” Wagner.

Her trial revealed that she used Google Search to search “create fake untraceable emails.” Fortress received the $100,000, and Sorokin submitted it. However, a Fortress managing director became suspicious because of discrepancies in her paperwork. For example, her passport stated that she was Russian-born, while her claim of German heritage.

To prevent further scrutiny, the director met with Sorokin’s bankers in Switzerland to verify her assets, and she withdrew the loan request. The $55,000 overdraft that Fortress had not used as part of the due diligence was returned to Sorokin in February 2017. Sorokin spent extravagantly on luxury clothing, electronics, and a personal coach, as well as $400 eyelash extensions and $800 hair highlighting.

Sorokin stayed in a $400/night hotel room at the 11 Howard Hotel in Soho, Manhattan, on February 18, 2017. The concierge she had become friends with and other employees for simple tasks like recommending restaurants or delivering packages to her room often left a $100 tip.

Despite this, Sorokin was regarded as annoying by most staff. They described her rude comments as impolitic and classist. Sorokin grew to be comfortable at the hotel. She wore leggings or a hotel gown and often ate at Le Coucou, the hotel’s restaurant. Sorokin also made friends with Daniel Rose and charged her for her meals. She offered massages, manicures, and training sessions to Kacy Duke, a celebrity personal trainer.

Management discovered that Sorokin did not have a credit card and demanded that she pay her $30,000 debt. Sorokin gave her staff a bottle of 1975 Dom Perignon champagne to try to win them over. However, the hotel policy prohibited the staff from keeping this gift. Sorokin was out of money by March 2017.

One month after, she received the $55,000 from her loan application fees. Sorokin would then offer to take her friends out to dinner and drinks, but when it came time to pay the bill, she would claim she had forgotten her credit cards or that her credit cards wouldn’t work.

By this point, Sorokin had become very involved in New York’s social scene. She attended dinner parties, where she met Macaulay Culkin and Martin Shkreli.

Sorokin made $160,000 in fraudulent checks to Citibank and $70,000 in usable funds. She wired $30,000 via wire to 11 Howard to pay the bill.

Sorokin, who had sent a forgery wire transfer confirmation to Deutsche Bank for $35,390, booked a return charter flight via Blade to Omaha, Nebraska, to attend the annual general assembly of Berkshire Hathaway.

He wanted to meet Warren Buffett. Sorokin allegedly had met Blade CEO Robert S. Wiesenthal, although Wiesenthal later stated that he didn’t know her at all. Wiesenthal reported Sorokin to police in August 2017 after she failed to pay several times. Sorokin claimed later that she went to the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium private party and met Bill Gates.

Sorokin refused to give a credit card to the hotel at 11 Howard, so while she was there, her entry code was changed, and her belongings were placed in storage. Martin Shkreli taught her a trick: she bought the domain names that corresponded to the names of the hotel managers and sent them an email asking for $1 million each.

After three months living at 11 Howard for three months, Sorokin was able to move her belongings to The Mercer Hotel with the assistance of Rachel DeLoache Williams. Sorokin also spent two nights at The Bowery Hotel and sent a fake wire transfer receipt to Deutsche Bank.

Kacy Duke, Rachel Williams, and Sorokin were invited on an “all-expenses-paid” trip to Morocco in May 2017. She said she had to reset her Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

Khloe Kardashian inspired Sorokin to book a $7,000 per night riad with three bedrooms and a private pool. She also hired a butler at La Mamounia in Marrakesh for a documentary on her foundation’s creation.

After several days, staff said they could not charge Sorokin’s credit cards. They demanded another form of payment. Sorokin offered excuses and blamed people for entering the wrong numbers or the system was down.

A hotel employee was fired because she didn’t have a credit card in her file. Sorokin persuaded Williams to pay $62,000, more than one year’s net salary, using her personal and work credit cards. She also promised to reimburse her via wire transfer.

Williams also purchased Sorokin’s flights to Morocco and paid for a private tour to Majorelle Garden with her credit cards. Sorokin promised to reimburse Williams.

Williams received only $5,000 in repayment from Sorokin. She could not repay the loan and had to borrow money from her friends to pay her rent. At that time, she had only $410 in her checking account.

American Express eventually removed $52,000 of her credit card charges. Williams discovered Sorokin was a fraud after contacting other acquaintances who had lent money to Sorokin but were not reimbursed.

Sorokin stayed in Morocco at Kasbah Tamadot (a Virgin Limited Edition luxury hotel) and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Casablanca. Sorokin asked Duke to pay for her room, as he had just returned from foodborne disease.

Sorokin requested first-class travel when Duke offered to pay for Sorokin’s return flight to New York. Sorokin enjoyed fine wines and champagnes and flew a helicopter to Casablanca.

Sorokin returned to New York in May and moved to the Beekman Hotel. She also moved her belongings in a Tesla or rented car. In June 2017, twenty days after she had accumulated $11,518 in debt and failed to pay it despite numerous promises, she was expelled.

After failing to pay $503.76, she attempted another scam at W New York Downtown Hotel & Residences. She was then evicted and charged with theft. Sorokin had become homeless by July 5. She then tried to scam Duke during a date, crying and requesting that she provide lodging.

Williams declined to provide lodging. She tried again to ask Williams for lodging. Sorokin tried to “dine-and-dash” at the Le Parker Meridien restaurant; she was caught and claimed she could get a friend to cover the bill in five minutes. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office was investigating Sorokin for bank fraud.

Sorokin is alleged to have deposited $15,000 worth of bad checks into Signature Bank’s account on August 17 and 21, 2017. She allegedly took out $8,200 cash over the next few days before the checks were returned.

Anna Delvey’s Indictment and arrest:

On October 3, 2017, Sorokin was taken into custody in a sting operation by Michael McCaffrey (a New York Police Department officer working with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office).

McCaffrey worked closely with Rachel Williams, a former friend of Sorokin, to facilitate the “sting.” Sorokin was at Passages Malibu, an exclusive rehab/addiction treatment center near Los Angeles County, California, at the time.

Officer McCaffrey organized a lunch meeting with Sorokin at a nearby restaurant to persuade her to leave the addiction treatment facility. Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department arrested Sorokin after she left the addiction treatment center.

A grand jury of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. indicted Sorokin on two counts, each of attempted grand theft in the first and third degrees, as well as one count each of grand theft in the third and fourth degrees.

Anna Delvey’s Trial, conviction, and sentence:

On December 18, 2018, Sorokin was seen in New York City Criminal Court. She rejected a plea agreement that would have allowed her to serve three to nine years imprisonment. The trial began on March 20, 2019, and was presided over by Judge Diane Kiesel.

Sorokin asked her defense attorney to arrange for a wardrobe stylist who would source outfits for her court appearances. She swapped her Rikers Island uniform Wednesday for a Michael Kors shift gown. She paired a Saint Laurent sheer black top with Victoria Beckham pants the next day.

Sorokin refused entry to the courtroom on Friday because she was not comfortable in her prison-issued clothes and her civilian attire for the day. After crying and disrupting the trial for over an hour, Sorokin was finally allowed to appear before the judge.

Sorokin’s lawyer, defending her at the trial, stated that she intended to repay the debt. She also claimed that the services were provided to her for publicity on Instagram. He compared her to Frank Sinatra and described her as an entrepreneur who created a “golden chance” in New York.

After two days of deliberation, Sorokin was found guilty of eight charges. These included attempted grand robbery and grand theft.

Two other charges were not brought against Sorokin: one for attempted grand theft of the first degree in connection to the original loan application to City National and one for theft of the second degree about the alleged theft from Rachel Williams in Marrakesh of $62,000.

Sorokin stated that she would lie to herself, to all others, and you if she said she was sorry for any reason in an interview before her sentencing.

Sorokin was sentenced on May 9 to 4-12 years in prison and fined $24,000. She also had to pay $199,000 in restitution, which included $100,000 to City National and $70,000 to Citibank. The blade was owed approximately two-thirds.

These sums and approximately $75,000 in legal fees were paid out of Sorokin’s $320,000 Netflix deal. Sorokin was allowed to keep $22,000 of the remaining $22,000. Perkins Coie owed $160,000 in legal costs for the unsuccessful lease of Church Missions House. Gibson Dunn owed $65,000 for the unsuccessful $22million loan application. Lowenstein Sandler owed $30,000 legal fees.

Sorokin was held at Rikers Island while she was being tried. She was guilty of 13 misbehavior infractions, including fighting and disobeying orders. Sorokin was then transferred to solitary confinement for Christmas.

Sorokin (inmate #19G0366 of New York State Department of Corrections) was initially held at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility For Women before being transferred to Albion Correctional Facility. Sorokin was paroled and released from prison on February 11, 2021. She checked into The NoMad hotel, where she hired a German crew to film her activities and follow her.

Six weeks after her parole release, on March 25, 2021, she was retaken into custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for having overstayed her visa.

ICE currently has her in New Jersey County jail, where she awaits deportation to Germany. She is contesting this legality. A judge in immigration ruled that Sorokin, if she were released, “would have the ability to continue to commit fraudulent or dishonest acts.”

She was quarantined in January 2022 after being found positive for COVID-19 while in prison. Sorokin, still in prison on March 1, 20,22, joined a class action suit by the American Civil Liberties Union.

Sorokin claims that ICE denied multiple requests for a COVID-19 boost shot. The previous April, she received the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine.


Netflix’s six-episode series Inventing Anna was released on February 11, 2022. It features Anna’s story of fraud and her scams. Julia Garner, an actress, played the role of Con-Woman Anna Delvey in this series. This show was created and produced by Shona Randos.

According to reports, Netflix paid Anna $320k for the rights to the popular TV series. Anna used that money to cover all her debts. She paid $200,000 to make her restitution and $24,000 to pay state fines. In addition, Anna also paid $75,000 in attorney fees.

Anna Delvey took thousands of dollars from her friends, to whom she promised to return the money. But she never returned the cash that she borrowed. She was charged with grand theft in 2017. Her trial lasted two years. She was convicted and sentenced to four to twelve years in prison, including two years.

Anna Delvey was held in Rikers Island prison before her trial. Anna was found guilty on eight counts. She was also forgiven for certain charges, including the grand robbery of more than $1 million from the ‘City National Bank.’ This was due to her good conduct. She was sent back to prison in September 2021 under the possession of ICE.

Anna Delvey’s Personal life:

Sorokin has social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter. She describes it as satire. Julia Fox is a friend she made through Instagram. She plans to collaborate with her. Sorokin wrote a sarcastic note to Donald Trump in January 2021.

She envisioned him being incarcerated at Rikers Island. Sorokin lived in New York with a boyfriend for two years before he left to move to the United Arab Emirates. Despite keeping his identity hidden, Sorokin revealed that her boyfriend had given TED talks and was featured in The New Yorker.

She suggested that she could reveal her boyfriend’s identity for a fee. Bidding started at $10,000. Sorokin invested in cryptocurrency and technology in 2019. Her goals at the time included starting an investment fund.

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