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Alex Hormozi Net Worth
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What is the Net Worth of Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi Net Worth is About $15 Million.

Who’s Alex Hormozi?

American investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Alex Hormozi. Alex Hormozi and Leila had a portfolio of over 30 companies that grew to $85M annually by the time he was 30 years. They included brick & mortar service, licensing, education, and SAAS.

He is a frequent contributor to Forbes & Entrepreneur and widely recognized as a growth & monetization expert. His wife now invests in service-based startups to scale and multiply their profits. He and his wife also give millions of dollars to support education access in underprivileged areas.


Alex Hormozi, a millionaire, philanthropist, and fitness enthusiast, is also the C.E.O. of three highly successful businesses. He is also the author of two books and an expert on acquisition and monetization. He hosts The Game Podcast.

Early life

Alex was born in Austin, Texas, on 18 August 1992. As of 2022, he is thirty years old. From a young age, he was interested in health and fitness.


Alex Hormozi was admitted to Vanderbilt University Magna. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Human and Organizational Development. He is a specialist in Corporate Strategy.

After graduating high school, the young adult worked as a consultant in government agencies for several years.

Hormozi was not content with his job. Hormozi packed up his belongings and moved across the country to start the six gyms he would eventually manage.

Entrepreneur Career

You want to learn how Alex Hormozi became a multi-millionaire in just a few years. Alex started his fitness journey at a young age. He was also the Vanderbilt Powerlifting Vice President. It is obvious how obsessed he was with fitness. He wanted to start his gym in California. He worked as a consultant in management for a small strategy company before he began his gym. This job lasted almost two years after he graduated from college.

Gym Launch

Alex decided to quit his job and start his own business. In 2013, he launched his first company, United Fitness. He was a hard worker, and the business grew to six locations in three years. He also faced many problems and sold all six areas in 2016. In the Iced Coffee Hour Podcast, he revealed that he had sold six of these locations for approximately $300,000. He decided to make a change in his life and founded Gym Launch. He made over 30+ brick- and motor businesses highly profitable in the following two years. This led to his locations becoming profitable.

Prestige Labs Supplement Company

After this success, he started licensing and grew to more than 4000 locations within four years. He also founded Prestige Labs during this time. He was an entrepreneur in the gym industry and often failed to find the right supplement for his clients. After years of failure, he decided to create accessories with high-quality ingredients that were of the highest quality. He started Prestige Labs, his own supplement company. He released many products and expanded the company by adding apparel. In March 2019, he started another company A.L.A.N.

He and his wife founded in 2020. Alex decided to transition from C.E.O. to the owner while launching the company. He did this to make it possible to invest in other growing businesses. His company can turn a $3M company into a $30M company in just 60 months. He decided to resign in December 2021 and become the managing partner of all his businesses, including Gym Launch.

Alex Hormozi’s private life

Alex may owe most of his achievements to Leila Hormozi. They first met and fell in love during the early stages of Gym Launch.

After Alex had started to manage his startup, she was able to marry him 13 months later.

Alex and Leila also give a portion to charitable organizations.

After-School All-Stars received $2 million from them. This money was used to purchase educational resources for low-income children. Alex believes education is the best tool to achieve one’s goals.

He said it was regrettable that not all people have equal access to primary education. However, having one will make life easier.

He and his wife made it their goal to offer educational opportunities of similar quality to as many people as possible.

His advice was always to practice self-discipline and believe in your ideas. This self-discipline will help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Alex says, “You only get one name.” It’s the brand that you can’t lose, so make sure to represent it well.

This advice is essential because you only get one name. He says selling something exceptional is the best way to make a fortune.

Alex Hormozi’s Incredible Portfolio

Successful entrepreneurs like Alex Hormozi show that just having an idea is not enough to open the doors for your business. It is essential to take your time, work hard, and be flexible as you grow.

Many people know Alex as a serial entrepreneur and co-CEO at Gym Launch (a multimillion-dollar business). He has also donated large amounts of money to charities. Leila, his wife, contributed $2M to After-School All-Stars.

Hard Times

Alex’s success today was the result of one business. He was actually on the brink of bankruptcy when he started his first gym. Alex couldn’t afford to pay rent two times at a time. He would spend the day working with clients at the gym; then, he’d sleep on the ground in the evening.

Alex was determined to succeed and had a vision. He invested the profits he earned over the next three years in the business, which he eventually increased to six locations. He went from 0 to 6 in six years, an amazing feat considering he had zero reputation at the beginning. This made other gym owners interested.

He was there to help them, and that’s when he got the idea for his second venture.

Gym Launch

Alex sold six gyms and founded Gym Launch. He helped other gym owners become financially successful. He completed 33 turnarounds in 2 years and licensed the model. The model is used today by thousands of businesses in various parts of the globe. He grew the business quickly, and five years after the original company launched, he had an extremely high net worth.

Alex started a supplement business and then a software company. After exiting the former, Alex began buying shares of other firms. Alex grew three companies to a run rate of $50M+ in three years, and his net worth grew further. His combined portfolio now makes $85M annually.

Perseverance is the key to Alex’s success. Although it may seem like Alex’s journey was easy because of its speed and ease, he has had many difficulties. One legality led to his company losing its processing relationship. He didn’t always have enough money to start his projects. His persistence paid off when his company grew to become an international business.

Other factors have helped Alex’s rapid growth. Alex believes rational decision-making is the key. Alex puts in more effort to get rid of self-doubt when it strikes. He also let go of old identities that didn’t serve him anymore and adopted new ones.

Alex has found that a long-term strategy is a good idea. He believes that customers must be satisfied if you want to stay relevant. He has a loyal client base and helped to grow his business by selling products that people won’t stop buying.

Alex is on a journey to the top, He has many goals for the future.

He wants to grow his portfolio to 100+ businesses that bring in $1B+ annually in revenue.

Hormozi plans to share his lessons from becoming a billionaire and to pass on the knowledge to others through books and courses.

What can we learn about Alex Hormozi’s successes?

Alex Hormozi believes that consistency and determination can make anyone a millionaire. “You are 100 percent responsible for your income; if it isn’t satisfying, it’s because you’re not that valuable.”

His story teaches us that we all have to start somewhere and that there is always room for improvement. Alex Hormozi started his career as a homeless man running a failing gym. But with determination, strength, and the support of his wife, Lelia Hormozi, Alex is now a thriving author and philanthropist. He is also the C.E.O. of Gym Launch and Prestige Labs, and A.L.A.N.

Alex Hormozi fitness entrepreneur story: Conclusion

Although it is challenging to replicate Alex Hormozi’s success in the gym industry, it is possible. He is now one of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs in the world, having built a brand and a company.

His story is a great inspiration to all entrepreneurs interested in the fitness industry. He was able not only to start a business from scratch but also because it was done in such a short time.

This proves that anyone can achieve their dreams and passion for what they love, small or large.

He began with nothing more than an idea and hard work. Now, he is a multi-millionaire. Remember this story about Alex Hormozi and his net worth if you ever doubt it is possible!

Commonly Asked Question about Alex Hormozi

What is the age of Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi age is 30 Years.

What is the Height of Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi Height is 6 feet (1.8 meter).

  1. Why is Alex Hormozi is so popular?
  • He is an American investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. His Youtube and Instagram videos about entrepreneurs, Business, Selling, self-help, etc., made him a household name.

  • 2.Who is Alex Hormozi’s wife?

Alex’s Wife is Leila Hormozi.

What is the Age of Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi Age is 30 Years.

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